DK Shivakumar: DK Shivakumar’s outrage over implementation of Maharashtra scheme in Karnataka! Demand for Bommai’s resignation

DK Shivakumar: DK Shivakumar’s outrage over implementation of Maharashtra scheme in Karnataka!  Demand for Bommai’s resignation
Bangalore:Maharashtra government has started implementation of health insurance scheme in 865 villages of bordering Karnataka. Due to this, the Maharashtra government has threatened the self-esteem of Karnataka. KPCC President DK Shivakumar said that we will not allow their plan to be implemented in our land.

He has released a media statement about this, saying that even if our lives are lost, we will protect our land, water and language. We will not give up a single inch of border land to Maharashtra. They said that their plan will not be allowed to be implemented in our land.

It is a question of self-esteem of Kannadigas. In our land, do we not have the power to protect the health of our people? Who gave permission to the Maharashtra government to implement the project in our land? Why do we need their alms? Does the state BJP government have no money to protect the health of our people? Is this government bankrupt? He asked in a media statement.

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The BJP government is ready to sacrifice the interests of Kannadigas for political reasons. The Kannadigas’ self-esteem and dignity are being auctioned. DK Shivakumar requested that pro-Kannada organizations, writers, film industry, artists and intellectuals should raise their voice against this.

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It is because you raised your voice in many such situations that the self-esteem of Kannadigas has survived. Kannada is the protection of land, water and language. Even now, let’s all of you join hands in the fight. Let’s protect the honor of Kannada mother. The fact that the Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai is sitting with his eyes closed is a proof of the weakness of this BJP government, even though the Maharashtra government is going to implement the scheme in our land. Since the beginning, the BJP government has continued this disrespectful act. He expressed outrage that Kannadigas are being insulted.

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Demand for CM’s resignation!

Bommai has neither the aptitude nor the moral right to continue in power. This is a stupid government. The Chief Minister who has failed to protect the state and Kannadigas should immediately resign from his post and this government should be dissolved. What is the Union Home Minister doing despite all this happening? How can other states implement their plans in our state? Our previous governments have protected our people for many decades. We condemn this move of Maharashtra.

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Still, I will go to Belgaum tomorrow, discuss with the leaders there and fight to protect our land, said DK Shivakumar.

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