DK Shivakumar: Did Siddaramaiah go to the forest with a gun to kill animals? DK’s question

Mysore:Did Siddaramaiah go to the forest with a gun to kill an animal, KPCC president D. K. Shivakumar questioned.

Responding in Badanavalu village of Nanjangud in the background of a complaint that forest rules were violated during Rahul’s reception, he said that the 10 km of padayatra. m. Siddaramaiah had gone to welcome Rahul Gandhi at a distance. Did Siddaramaiah do something he shouldn’t have done? Is it wrong to welcome our leaders? I was doing my duty, he did his. Is it a law not to drive on forest roads? He questioned.

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Mahatma Gandhi visited Badanavalu center twice. He also started Khadi farming here. In this background, Rahul Gandhi has celebrated Gandhi Jayanti here and donated hard work.

Dikeshi said that efforts have been made in Badanavalu village to benefit the two ethnic groups and to create a bond.

Sonia Gandhi joins Bharat Jodo

AICC President Sonia Gandhi wants Bharat Jodo Yatra to come. But it is not fixed when they will come. Timing will be fixed by AICC. He said that it has not been officially fixed how long Bharat Jodo will participate in the Yatra.

Responding to the BJP’s allegation that Congress members are fake Gandhians, DKshi said, “We are all Gandhians whether fake or genuine. All Congressmen are descendants of Gandhi.”

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Summons to DK in National Herald case

Meanwhile, D. said that ED has issued a new summons in National Herald and Young India cases. K. Shivakumar said. Me and MP D. K. Suresh has been summoned. I decided to go. I will discuss this with national leaders. Rahul Gandhi is coming to Adi Chunchanagiri Mutt. They stay there. I have to be there. I respect the law. He said, “I request you to allow me to appear on any day other than the seventh.”

We have taken responsibility for all the programs. For this reason it will be difficult. I hope ED understands this. He said that he will appeal to them through email.

Bharat Jodo | Did DKshi, Siddaramaiah pair up before Bharat Jodo: KS Eshwarappa

They know that Bharat Jodo Padayatra is happening. However, Dkeshi said that ED has more love for us, and also hit back at CM Basavaraj Bommai’s accusation that Bharat Jodo Padayatra is being held to save his political existence. Is Rahul Gandhi the President of the country? Minister? Was the Prime Minister? Sacrificed everything. He said there is a crowd of people with him.

You saw a crowd of people on the hike that started from Gundlupet. He hit back at the BJP saying why are you upset. We are doing our party’s work and country’s work. He said, “Even if it’s a Janotsava, beat yourself up, dance, dance.”

Talking about Pay CM campaign, DKshi said, we will do the campaign. It does not stop. We have done it before. They put a case on us. Did they put up a poster of the birthday party, Janotsava? He questioned why there is no case against him. He sarcastically said that he is showing a man by putting a case on the one wearing the T-shirt.

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