DK Shivakumar: D before the Siddaramautsava program. K. Shivakumar’s speech leaked..!

Bangalore: On the occasion of the 75th birth anniversary of opposition leader Siddaramaiah, KPCC President D. K. Important points of Shivakumar’s speech were leaked two days before the program..!

A copy of the speech was given to the official media group of the Congress. After waking up, it was deleted. In the copy of the speech, it is mentioned that let’s do whatever we have to do to bring the party to power, the party will give us the status we deserve, indirectly, DKshi is ready to play this speech in the background of competition for the CM post.

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Key highlights of the speech to be delivered by DK

* Siddaramaiah has completed a meaningful 75 years today. Happy birthday to him.

* 75 years is a great milestone for every person.

* Life is a time to stop and reflect on past experiences and achievements.

* Till now, Siddaramaiah had not celebrated his birthday.

* But it is a special occasion to be celebrated on the occasion of completing 75 Vasantas.

* So his fans have done a great job by organizing a program to celebrate this special occasion.

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* BJP and other political opponents have started trembling after seeing this program.

* Because they have no achievements to claim.

* For this reason, they spread slander about this program.

* Tried unsuccessfully to divert people’s attention.

* This forum proves that all their arguments are false.

* The Congress leaders on this platform are brahmastras for the anti-people BJP government.

* Nehru, the architect of New India, said a word.

* Every little thing counts in a crisis.

* Means, in times of trouble, even the smallest, smallest thing matters.

* Now the country and the state are in a difficult time.

* At this time we should organize the party ready for sacrifice.

* Indira Gandhi said another thing.

* There are two kinds of people. Those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group.

* That is, there are generally two types of people. Those who do one job, take credit for another job. You belong to the first group.

* Let us do whatever we have to do to bring the party to power. The party gives us the status we deserve.

* Rahul Gandhi’s words should be remembered here

* If India is Computer, Congress is default program.

* That is, India is a computer, but the Congress party is its program.

* This means that without Congress, this country cannot progress on the path of development.

* So we all have to work together in unity.

* The stronger the Congress, the stronger the country.

* Rajiv Gandhi should also remember what he said about developing leaders.

* Good Leader One Who Creates Leaders Not a Followers

* A good leader creates more leaders, not followers.

* We should all follow the guidance given by our elders.

* This is a platform to relive the struggle of Siddaramaiah and the achievements of the Congress government led by him.

* Siddaramaiah is the strength of our party.

Siddaramaiah, who grew up on the path of struggle for social justice and secular principles, has reached this level today.

* Siddaramaiah is the voice of the Dalits, the oppressed, the downtrodden.

* Before Siddaramaiah became the Chief Minister from the Congress party, he had many opportunities to become the CM but it was denied by political machinations.

* But the Congress party gave him opportunity and support according to his ability and made him the Chief Minister.

* Congress has given all kinds of support to complete five years of his government.

* In the 2013 elections, out of the 165 schemes announced in the manifesto of the Congress party, 90% of the projects are credited to the Congress government led by Kirti.

* Agriculture Bhagya, Pashu Bhagya, Vanasiri, Jal Siri, Nali Kali, Jnana Sangam, Arogya Bhagya, Matru Purna, Housing Bhagya, Anna Bhagya, Shadi Bhagya, Village Swarajya, Constant Jyoti, Bhagya Jyoti, Sarva Jana Kalyan, 15 lakh houses for the poor , the construction of the largest solar park in Pavagada – so many projects are in the list of achievements of the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government.

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* Congress government is credited with implementing Indira Canteen, Vidya Siri, Farmers’ Loan Waiver and other pro-people schemes despite the manifesto.

* Only the Congress party can provide such pro-people schemes and efficient administration.

* Thus the people’s favor and expectation on the Congress party has increased.

* Lakshmi of power has come and stood at the doorstep of the Congress.

* It is our responsibility to bring her in.

* So let us all work together and bring the party to power.

* Congress made me a minister earlier.

* Congress made KPCC president. Congress made Siddaramaiah the Chief Minister. Now the Congress has been made the leader of the opposition.

* Congress has made BK Hariprasad the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council. Congress has made Mallikarjuna Kharge the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha. Congress has made MB Patil the campaign committee president. Congress raised everyone like this.

* Now we all have to pay the debt to the Congress party which raised us. All the leaders should organize their communities and help the party.

* All religions, castes and communities should be taken into confidence if the party wants to come to power. To that I say that if Congress comes to power, it is as if people of all religions, all castes and all classes come to power.

* The people of the state are tired of seeing the corruption, mismanagement, price rise and deteriorating law and order of the BJP government at the center and state.

* We should focus on utilizing this opportunity and not on other issues. Let us all bring the party to power first. Let us pay off the debt of the party and the people of the state through that.

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