Dk Shivakumar: CT Ravi is much bigger than Yeddyurappa in BJP: Dk. Shivakumar

Dk Shivakumar: CT Ravi is much bigger than Yeddyurappa in BJP: Dk.  Shivakumar
Bangalore: ‘National general secretary CT Ravi is the high command in BJP and he is much bigger than Yeddyurappa. Therefore, Yeddyurappa and Vijayendra have talked about their tickets,” said KPCC president D.K. Shivakumar said.

CT Ravi: Ours is not family principle, country first principle: CT Ravi stung on hand

Responding to a question asked by the media on Tuesday near the Sadashivnagar residence about CT Ravi’s statement regarding giving Shikaripura ticket to Vijayendra, Shivakumar said, ‘This is an internal matter of the BJP. This has been discussed in BJP for a long time. There was a conspiracy in the BJP to corner Yeddyurappa and they succeeded. Congress has no role in this.

DK Shivakumar On HD Devegowda- HD Devegowda, Kumaraswamy are responsible for the IT, ED attack on me, what money and property have they all made?

People saw Yeddyurappa’s face and voted for BJP. But Yeddyurappa’s tears will change the image of state politics. CT Ravi is the high command and he is bigger than Yeddyurappa. This is an internal matter of that party and they will decide.’

To a question about joining the Congress, the sitting minister said, ‘I will not say anything on this issue now. Time will answer everything. I have seen a report on this matter in the media. But I have not contacted any minister. But the sitting MLAs are asking for Congress party tickets, and our own party leaders and workers are there in those constituencies. So now the party does not need him. We are thinking about this issue only about some areas, we will not reveal their names right now” he said.

When asked about Jarakiholi’s CD threat allegation, he said, ‘He should clarify this matter to the masses. Let BJP keep and use such a leader. I will not talk about them.’

When asked about KS Eshwarappa’s statement on Azan and today’s statement that BJP is not against all Muslims, he said, ‘They are using their political weapon. He was ousted from the government on corruption charges. He is the leader of corruption and it will take 20-30 years for that part to recover from the black spot he has brought to Shimoga and Malenadi. Former MP Ayanur Manjunath has assured the people there of corruption free governance and business friendly environment. Thus, the situation in Shimoga is not good, so no businessmen are coming forward to invest there. The unemployment rate is high in the hilly areas, Modi said, whatever speech Eshwarappa makes is of no use.

To a question about Somanna, he said, ‘Somanna is from our taluk. We have been working together in religion and taluk affairs. He often comes to our town. There is a bond between us. Politics is different, relationship is different. He did not say that he will join the Congress, I did not say that he should come to the Congress party. We are doing our work. We traveled together by plane after completing the Belgaum session. Photo taken then. It’s like sitting next to him.’

There is a proposal to field DK Suresh in Ramanagara

In Ramanagara, D.K. Suresh’s question regarding his competition, he said, ‘There is a proposal regarding his competition. So this news cannot be denied. But we will sit down and discuss this issue. We have a short message from the local workers leaders regarding this matter, I have not spoken to Suresh or the workers about this. I don’t want unnecessary by-elections. But the party has given this proposal. We have discussed this with everyone and made a decision,’ he said.

When asked if Suresh’s mule will be published in the first list, he said, ‘He has not applied for the party ticket. Therefore, no decision has been made about this yet’, he said.

When asked about the uproar over the toll on the Mysore road, he said, ‘It is not right that Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the unfinished highway in haste. They have not done it in quality. Villagers next to the highway are unable to move from one side to the other. If you leave from Mysore, there is no arrangement to stop anywhere for rest, including urinating, until you reach Bangalore. Business transactions in this area have been hit hard. The election has not been inaugurated in haste. MP Suresh has violated etiquette by not inviting him in this inauguration program. The Prime Minister’s status was to be inaugurated after the completion of the highway. It was a political program rather than a people’s planning programme’, he said.

In response to a question about the government arrears of Rs 25,000 crore to contractors in all departments, he said, ‘Contractors are telling their pain to the government. It is the duty of the government to pay the dues to them. We have no objection to that. The government has called a new tender and is calling for a tender of 25 thousand crores for advance payment. I have written a letter to the Chief Secretary in this regard and informed them that no new tender, short term tender should be called in any department. We will also bring this to the attention of the Lokayukta. After listening to his words, we are warning you that if the authorities do this, you will face trouble in the future.’

The state leaders went and met AICC president Mallikarjuna Kharge and asked about ticket profiteering, he said, ‘There is nothing wrong with that. All the leaders have been asked to give tickets to their community, friends and relatives. Therefore, there is no mistake in making profit’, he said.

The government has not taken any action regarding revenue increase. They are only focusing on calling for tenders. I was minister of Bellary. They have given thousands of acres for mining, but they have not been given permission to mine. Mining has been called for bids for years but no permission has been given for mining. Only if mining is done there, the revenue will come to the government. Apart from that, there is unemployment problem in Bellary, which will create employment. This will remove the hardship of the lorry owner. What is the problem with giving permission to mine on leased mine land? It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that money flows into the government coffers. He criticized this as the biggest failure of the government.

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