Despite damage from rain in the state, ground water level has risen, water is springing up in drought areas: Minister R. Ashok

Bangalore: Despite the massive damage caused by the four levels of rain in the state this year, the ground water level has risen significantly. Especially in the drought-affected districts like Kolar, Chikkaballapur and some districts of North Karnataka district, the groundwater level has increased.

Revenue Minister R. Ashok, who responded to the discussion held under Rule 69 on the issue of excessive rainfall in the Assembly, said this time there is no problem with drinking water. He explained that rain is the reason why the environment is green.

Boiling water even in dry tube wells; Better rainfall, increase in groundwater level
2835 lakes are 77% full in 2022. 1645 lakes are 50% full in 2021. All the lakes in Chikkaballapur and Kolar have overflowed. Two to three years is the chance for the environment to become green. 1789 lakes are 100% filled. He explained that the number of lakes which are 50% to 99% full are 1046.30 to 50% full which are 714.

Ground water level has increased due to rain. There has been an increase in 84 taluks. 4 m out of 125 taluks. Ground water has increased. 2 meters rise in 16 taluks. Per cent in 190 taluks across the state. 84 percent increase. % in 18 districts. He told the House that the ground water level has risen by 100 percent.

Chikkaballapur Rain | Water overflow in borewells: Ground water level rise in Chikkaballapur
Kolar, Chikkaballapur, Bengaluru countryside and Tumkur have increased due to drought. The minister said that the ground water level has also increased in Gadag Haveri.

We have done effective disaster management for the first time in the country. Minister Ashok explained that the task of controlling the flood situation is within the Gram Panchayat.

Ministers and MLAs along with the CM have gone to the flood affected area. Worked on listening and solving problems. We have given priority to handover the victims to the appropriate place when there is a flood. We have changed the dining system in the care center. He said that there has been some change in the breakfast and lunch system.

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