Desperation has started for the BJP people, they will talk about it: Siddaramaiah

Mysore: Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah alleged that BJP is disappointed with Bharat Jodo Yatra

Addressing a press conference in Nanjangud on Saturday, he attacked the BJP. The government is responsible for the death of 36 people due to the Chamaraja Nagar oxygen disaster. The government has not given compensation to the victim’s family. I and DK Shivakumar had a meeting with the officials. He had admitted that death was due to lack of oxygen. But the ministers were accused of lying.

Desperation has begun for the BJP. Siddaramaiah has given an advertisement against the Bharat Jodo Yatra today saying that he will talk about it. Jawahar Lal Nehru said that the reason for breaking up the country was that his great-grandson was doing the Yatra. In 1932, Sarvakar should become two countries, Hindu and Muslim should not be one. He spoke that the country should be divided. Siddaramaiah expressed outrage that he had spoken in a public meeting.
Siddaramaiah – Police will teach lesson if they join hands with BJP: Siddaramaiah warns
Congress built India. Was the RSS involved in the freedom struggle? Asked Siddaramaiah, let him say one’s name. Even RSS founder Hedgewar was not involved. No one died for freedom. He shouted that he will teach Congress a lesson. Nehru family has sacrificed for the country. From Moti Lal Nehru to Rahul Gandhi, they have sacrificed. Did Amit Shah go to jail? Asked about that, he expressed outrage that BJP is a factory that produces lies.

Siddaramaiah said that the BJP is distracted by the Bharat Jodo Yatra, so they are working to divert the people. He shouted that they are giving false advertisement. Talking about the police beating up a young man wearing a Pay CM T-shirt, the government has let the police down. He expressed indignation that they have filed a case for pasting the poster.