Decision to implement the guarantee in the next cabinet meeting: Siddaramaiah’s announcement

Decision to implement the guarantee in the next cabinet meeting: Siddaramaiah’s announcement
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Bangalore: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that he will discuss and take a decision in the next cabinet meeting about the five guarantees of the Congress, which the people of the state are eagerly waiting for. Speaking to reporters in front of Vidhana Soudha, he gave this promise.

Speaking to reporters after the addition of new ministers to the new cabinet, he said that now 24 ministers have been added to the cabinet and a full-fledged cabinet has come into being. The relevant departments have also been informed about the implementation of guarantees and they will also bring all the documents in the next cabinet meeting. He said that they will review all of them and take a decision on the implementation of the plans in the same meeting.

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Clarification for those who did not get ministerial position

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has tried to pacify the Congress MLAs who are disappointed by not getting a ministerial berth in the new cabinet. He explained why some people were not considered for MLA posts, why some districts were not given representation.

After weighing everything, we created a volume. So far, we have given ministerial degrees to MLAs who have won twice, thrice, four or five times. “We have not intentionally excluded anyone from the cabinet,” he said.

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The High Command had earlier indicated that there should be new and old people in this time’s Council of Ministers. In that regard, we have given ministerial positions to some newcomers and some veterans. He maintained that the ministerial council that has come into existence is a combination of newcomers and veterans.

Clarification of Kodagu district not getting representation

Responding to a question about Kodagu district’s MLA Ponnanna being very upset about not being represented in the cabinet, he said, “We are not able to represent all the districts in the cabinet. He said that it was not given to Haveri, Chikkamagaluru and Hassan.

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Now, as I have already said, we have given ministership to those who have won two or more times. This is the first time we have not given a ministerial post to the winner. Both of them who have won in Kodagu are MLAs for the first time. So, he said that we have not given him a ministerial post.

B.K. Talking about Hariprasad

In the wake of not getting a ministerial position, the member of the Legislative Council B.K. Hariprasad brought to Siddaramaiah’s attention that he had told his close associates that he would resign as the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council. I don’t know anything about this. He said that he did not tell me that way.

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