Debate on BMS Education Institute: HDK- Ashwath Narayan’s Singular Attack!

Bangalore: Higher Education Minister Dr. H. D. Kumaraswamy has accused former CM HD Kumaraswamy on the amendment approval of BMS Educational Institution Trust Deed. Ashwattha Narayana retorted sharply.

HD Kumaraswamy, who raised this issue under Rule 69 in the Legislative Assembly, said that the government should clarify the issue of approval of the BMS educational institution trust deed amendment. Who should be responsible for this? What do you investigate? Does your Prime Minister make speeches invoking corruption? He said there should be ethics about this. Former CM Kumaraswamy demanded in the House that the higher education minister should be beheaded in this matter.
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Ashwath Narayan responded to this, we came to politics not for livelihood. Not from a political family. Our aim is to give good education to the children of the country. He said that no one has been allowed to point fingers in the department. Also, you can say whatever you want. It is not right to do hateful and personal politics. Didn’t you give a political statement? You can’t do a dirty job with so much resentment. He said that we will show the work you have done.

And why are we sitting with our mouths shut, do we not have power? Is that how I express my opinion? Can you tell me what we should talk about? Not that all this is not happening, there is not a single file standing in my office, I am working transparently. That organization exists for a good purpose. Growing well. Do not use the House for politics. Three days ago, they said that they will leave the record, what is there? He lashed out angrily.
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Singularly lashing out at each other
During the accusation and counter-accusation regarding the trust issue, HDK and Ashwath Narayan had a singular altercation. We are not children of royalty, we are also children of farmers. Aswath thundered against you, you are talking, Kutkolappa. I am not afraid of anyone, I am afraid of justice. Ask me. You listen to me. There should be a proper investigation on this matter. I don’t know whether the CBI will investigate or a House committee will be formed to investigate. He re-asked whether you have any aptitude for my political life.

At this time, Aswath Narayan retorted to Kumaraswamy that you are not fit to talk about my political life. On this occasion, there was a monologue between Kumaraswamy and Aswath Narayan.