Death of patients at Vims Hospital in Bellary is a government-sponsored murder: Siddaramaiah’s speech leads to a row in the House

Bangalore: Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah’s accusation that the death of patients in the ICU due to failure of the ventilator at the Vims Hospital in Bellary was a government-sponsored murder led to a row in the House.

Siddaramaiah brought the case of death of three patients in Vims Hospital in Bellary to the government’s attention in no time. The generator broke down and three patients died in the ICU without electricity. Who is responsible for this? That hospital has money, they could have arranged a generator. Is the hospital liable? Is the government responsible? He said that the government should be responsible for this death.

VIMS | Power cut, generator failed: Two patients died in ICU
In this case, the negligence of the authorities is evident. Action should be taken against the officials. The health department should bear the responsibility for this. Demanding compensation of at least 25 lakhs to the families of the deceased, Siddaramaiah alleged that it was a government-sponsored murder.

Law Minister J.C. Madhuswamy objected

Law Minister J.C. objected to this. Madhuswami, this is not an accidental death, how can it be a government sponsored murder? He questioned how accidental death means government-sponsored murder.

Congress MLAs expressed opposition to Madhuswamy’s statement. At this time, there was an argument between Congress and BJP members. Minister R. Madhuswami. Ashok, Sriramulu supported. At this time, there was an uproar in the House.

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Sriramulu, responding on behalf of the government, was admitted to Mulla Hussain Hospital on 11th at Wims Hospital. One was undergoing treatment for kidney failure and kidney problem. But he is dead. But the government cannot agree that it is responsible for this death. There were deaths during his government. But we did not say that it was done by their government.

Chittamma also died in the hospital. I spoke to the director of Vims about the power outage at that time. No death due to power outage. There is also a generator backup. He clarified that the death was due to other causes.

But this is reported in Siddaramaiah media which disagrees with this. The electricity went out from 8.20 to 10.30. Even the generator was not working. Due to this three people have died without ventilator. Siddaramaiah demanded an investigation into this. Do not play with death. Siddaramaiah demanded appropriate compensation for those who died.

Investigate and report to the House

The ventilator is in the hospital, so there is a backup for it. There is a generator backup for one and a half hours. Law Minister Madhuswamy assured that if there is any doubt beyond this, they will investigate and report to the House.

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