Death Compensation: One crore rupees for accidental death of government employees. The solution?

Bangalore: 1 crore to the family of the state government employees in case of accidental death or injury. It is special that there has been an attempt to provide insurance compensation!

In order to make this insurance compensation system for the officers and employees of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation applicable to the government employees as well, the President of the State Government Employees Association C. S. Shadakshari has started efforts and is preparing to submit a petition to the government soon. The union is ready to press for the implementation of the system of getting insurance compensation free of charge by just transferring the salary payment account of the employees.

Accident Insurance: First in India! 1 crore to KSRTC staff. Enforcement of accident insurance
Attempt Start: “If KSRTC officer, employee dies in an accidental accident, Rs 1 crore to their family if they die due to injuries. There is a system to get compensation up to. In this regard, the corporation has tied up with SBI and United Insurance Company. This is a useful system and efforts have been started to make this facility available to state government employees as well,” said C. S. Shadakshari said.

The family of the martyred Corona Warriors has not yet received the compensation amount!

Government employees can get this insurance compensation by opening a salary payment bank account in SBI Bank without collecting fees, monthly – annual premium in any way. So employees are also willing to change their bank account. Lakhs of posts are vacant and the work pressure has increased on the existing government employees. He said that this insurance solution is useful for the benefit of the employees and their families.

20 lakhs in case of death of police on duty. Insurance Compensation: Mandated by Govt
There is a special insurance compensation facility for the employees of KSRTC Corporation. An attempt will be made to provide that insurance compensation facility by requesting that it be extended to the state government employees as well. All the information about the agreement between KSRTC and SBI, United Bank has been obtained, based on which a request will be submitted to the Chief Secretary. The association will make efforts to provide this insurance solution which is useful for the government employees, said the president of the state government employees association C. S. Shadakshari said.

Heavy fine for the insurance company that refused insurance compensation! Order from Dharwad District Consumer Commission