Dance Siddaramaiah Dance- Dance lover Siddaramaiah dances hard again; This time a step with Lambani women

Dance Siddaramaiah Dance- Dance lover Siddaramaiah dances hard again;  This time a step with Lambani women

Politicians dancing is nothing new. Renukacharya, MTB Nagaraj, R.Ashok, CT Ravi and many other politicians danced here and there. Some dances get negative publicity while some are freely accepted by people.

In November 2022, during the visit to Jaganakote river in Mysore, Minister R We may recall that Ashok’s folk dance also went viral. Siddaramaiah is the leader of dozens of such viral dances. People take special notice every time they dance.

The reason for that is his fondness for folk dance. Step to the beat. In particular, he can dance the Veerakunita of the Mysore side very elegantly. Siddaramaiah is not a heroic figure, he is not one who does not take a couple of steps with interest no matter what folk dance he sees.

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Now even the fans are insisting

Knowing this, fans and even party workers urge Siddaramaiah to dance. It can be recalled that this kind of incident happened in Bharat Jodo Yatra in the past. When the yatra was going on at Chitradurga, many leaders including former minister Anjaneya, who were around, urged Siddaramaiah to dance to the sound of tamate instruments. He refused to dance and only bowed once. But is that enough for people? The same video went viral.

Lambani dances

Intippa Siddaramaiah is now in the news for dancing again. Now what they do is Lambani dance. This incident took place during Prajadhwani Yatra in Chittapura town of Kalaburagi district. The women of the Banjara community who came to the stage taught them the dance steps. Siddaramaiah looked up at the koda on their heads. Later they enjoyed following the steps and kaitalas taught by the Lambani women for a few seconds.

Even at the age of 74, Siddaramaiah did 40 minutes of ‘veerakunita’ with his old friends..!
Siddaramaiah, who tweeted about this and expressed his happiness, said that this land is the home of art, culture and literature. The beauty of uniqueness lies in the variety of rituals and beliefs of every community here. He said that he was happy to step into the unique dance form of the Lambani people of the same heritage.

Punter in heroic leap

Sukhasumnane did not dance to movie songs because of her love for dance. His love for folk dance is a thing of the past. Especially in heroic dance, his hand is raised. That is why in Mysore district he participates in Veerakunita whenever he gets a chance. Several of his videos of Veerakunita have already gone viral.

On March 22 last year, he had participated in the Siddarameshwar fair held at Siddrama’s Hundi in Mysore district’s Huttura. At this time, Siddaramaiah performed a heroic dance for more than half an hour. This video went viral.

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Although Siddaramaiah’s dancing is not new to the people of Siddarama’s Hundi, the people of the state were amazed to see the former chief minister’s dancing skills. Even when he was the Chief Minister in 2018, the video of him doing heroic stunts went viral across the country.

He had also stepped into Gorava’s dance

On October 13 last year, Siddaramaiah, who had visited party leader Kumar Gowda’s residence in Chitradurga district’s Molakalmuru taluk, had fallen in love with Gorava’s dance and had also taken a step.

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