Cyber ​​Crime: Increasing cyber crime in the state, 38,805 cases in three years, the challenge is finding the accused

Bangalore: The number of cyber crimes in the state is increasing day by day. Especially Bangalore city is ranked number 1 in cyber crime cases. In the last three years, 38,805 cases have been registered in the state, and due to some technical reasons, tracing the accused has also become a challenge for the cyber police.

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According to the statistics of the Home Department, 2019- 12,029, 2020- 10738, 2021- 8129, 2022- 7909 cases have been registered in the state. Through this, 38,805 cases were registered in three years. Even though the police are trying to find the accused, the problem is further complicated by the lack of proper evidence.

Cyber ​​Crime: Karnataka ranks 3rd in cyber crime cases in the country!

The Home Department has observed that online banks, in-state and out-of-state banks, telephone server providers, and social networking sites are not providing appropriate documents for cybercrime cases. Apparent delay or failure to furnish evidence is causing setbacks in the detection of criminal cases.

In such cases, the complainants are coming to file a complaint days after the incident. Due to this, it is also important that the accused sell their used SIM and mobile phones to others and do not get any clue.

In most of the registered cases, the addresses of the accused were found in foreign states. The lack of proper scientific tools to detect the accused is allowing the accused to get away with the crime.

Action to reduce

The police department is also taking some measures to control cyber crimes. Efforts are being made to detect by adopting technological measures. In addition, information on UFED4PC mobile is being collected and used for investigation. AXIOM-D software collects the data in the computer system and adapts it to the investigation. Along with all these awareness messages are being given to create awareness among the people.