Cutaneous disease of cow, buffalo; High in Haveri, Gadag, Belgaum, Kolar districts; What is an expert?

H.P. Punyavathi, Bangalore

Bengaluru: There is a risk of reduction in milk production due to skin nodule disease which has appeared in thousands of cattle in some districts of the state and it will have a severe impact on the dairy industry.

The disease has been detected in about 3,076 cattle in the state. 5 lakh cattle have already been vaccinated to prevent the spread of this disease. 25 lakh vaccine is in stock and will be supplied in the month of October. Director of the department Dr. Manjunath S. Palegar told ‘Vijaya Karnataka’.

Lumpy Skin Disease: Lumpy skin disease for cows; Decline in milk production; What are the precautionary measures?
If treatment is delayed after the onset of the disease, 80% of the milk production of this breed of cows will be deprived of this disease. 20-30% reduction in milk yield if other local cows. Depending on the severity of the disease and the medication, this reduction is likely to continue for 70-90 days. Thus, farmers are naturally worried.

By the way, this disease was first detected in 2019 in Kabbala Hosahalli of Kanakapura Taluk. And then it increased gradually, and now 3 thousand cows are affected by skin nodule disease in Karnataka. In the last 2 years, skin nodule disease has appeared in thousands of cattle in various states of the country.

Once it comes, it will not come again for three years

Once vaccinated, it has immunity that can prevent skin warts for up to three years. However, this vaccine should not be administered to a sick cow. Because once a cow gets the disease, it will not re-transmit the disease for three years.

Like a doctor?

Due to increased rainfall this year, the production of flies, mosquitoes and wool mites has increased. They came from other countries and spread this disease. That too in the border districts of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, this disease has appeared more, said the Director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Department, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Department. Manjunath said.

Expert opinion

Cows suffering from skin disease can be given grass or corn meal. A thin millet porridge can be given to cows that are very tired. But, nothing should be forced. It should be given only if it is consumed by itself. Otherwise, their health will further deteriorate, said Dr., a professor of Karnataka Veterinary Medical University. B.M. Veeregowda said.

Other problems from the disease

About 2 to 5 cm. As large skin nodules, these nodules gradually decay and form a layer on the skin that remains for a long time as scabs. Breeding Heifers are infertile, infertile heifers. Also, there is a possibility of disease transmission through the mosquito net,” said Viregowda.