Criminal case against revenue department officials who tampered with records: Govinda Karajola

Bangalore: If the name is changed in the documents of the revenue department, they will become criminals. The perpetrators will become criminals. Action will be taken against both. Water Resources Minister Govinda Karajola said that the officials will be suspended and a criminal case will be filed against them.

At zero hour in the assembly, the leader of the opposition Siddaramaiah has taken 15 acres of 10 guntas of land in survey number 72 in Kodekal village of Yadgiri district for the Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam project and has also given compensation. He said that the Tehsildar and his staff together with the purpose of corruption have changed the name of the private persons Basamma Kom Channamallappa in the name of Adnoora.

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Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam has taken compensation and has changed Pahani along with Tehsildar Basamma. Tehsildar has no power to make such change. If the document is correct, the Deputy Commissioner should make the change. For this reason, the revenue officials and the village accountant have been suspended. However, the Tehsildar has not been suspended. He demanded that the Tehsildar be immediately suspended and action taken.

Responding to this, Govinda Karajola said, “This issue has not come to my attention. Now it has arrived. Land acquisition should be done by revenue department officials. If so, it could be the Tehsildar concerned with the Revenue Department. May be the following employees. Will definitely take action. We will give instructions from the government to suspend him. I will tell DC to recover the money. Let’s file a criminal case, Yadagiri will immediately inform the district collector, he said.

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Also, in some taluks of Belagavi district, the name of Karnataka Irrigation Corporation instead of the owner’s name in the farmer’s pahani has made the farmers unhappy, Govinda Karajola said that 3,26,000 acres of land has been acquired under the Karnataka Irrigation Corporation. After land acquisition, the name should have been changed to Irrigation Department. As it did not happen, except for 25,000 acres, 3 lakh acres were left in the name of farmers. He had taken compensation. He said that now 3,26,000 acres have been amended in the record and named as Karnataka Government Irrigation Corporation.

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We have not only done this, we have also made 3,25,000 acres in the name of the government as cases in the Karnataka High Court Dharwad Bench. Farmers have sold some because it was in their name. Some have taken loans. Some have participated. So there were many problems. He said that he has instructed the local authorities to rectify the technical errors.

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