Conspiracy to malign state and my name with Pay-CM campaign: Basavaraja Bommai

Bangalore: Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai has said that the Pay-CM campaign is a conspiracy to malign the state and my name.

While talking to the media on Wednesday, CM Bommai replied to a question asked by reporters about the Congress party’s Pay-CM movement, saying that it is a systematic conspiracy to malign the state of Karnataka and my name. He said that he has instructed the concerned authorities to file a case.

Campaigning on social media without basis comes to everyone. But people will know that this is a lie, he said, there is no price for this. But he said that it is our effort to put an end to the attempt to tarnish the name of the state.
40% embarrassment for CM Bommai in Hadi Street, the film is mocked in a strange way!
Pay-CM QR Code Jatapati
A ‘Pay CM’ poster created on the model of Paytm mocking the 40% commission charge against the government is going viral. The poster was seen near Indian Express on Jayamahal Road in the city. Mocked by pasting a Pay CM poster on the wall. The slogan ‘40% accepted here’ is also included in the poster.

The QR code tussle started between BJP and Congress, and the poster called Pay CM (Pay Cm Posters) created in the pattern of Paytm was put up in many parts of the city, alleging 40% commission. Alleging that the Congress is behind this poster, the BJP has now countered the opposition leader Siddaramaiah and KPCC president DK Shivakumar.
Pay CM Posters | QR Code scramble between BJP, Congress; Kamal Pade counter for Pay CM
A poster against DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah behind Pay CM is circulating on social media, accusing them of being this corrupt couple who have looted and ruined the state. Scan it to remove it from the state. How to destroy a state? How to spread false news, unrest? Ridoo Siddaramaiah, ED DKshi added to the poster in a deep discussion.