Congress: Ticket distribution scramble begins in Congress: Disagreement during preparations for Ekyta Yatra

Bangalore: The factional politics of the Congress has once again come to the fore during the preparations for the India Unity Yatra. In the matter of ticket distribution, KPCC President D. K. The senior leaders of the party openly opposed the warning given by Shivakumar.

Rahul Gandhi made sure that Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah embraced each other at the ‘Siddaramaiah Amrita Mahotsava’ stage held in Davangere. It will solve all the problems of Karnataka Congress. It was expected that Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar would lead the party as per Rahul’s instructions.

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However, while preparing for the Unity Yatra, D. K. A statement given by Shivakumar has created a stir. Sivakumar said that some of the former ministers and current MLAs are not cooperating in this program and warned that there will be no ticket for those who are not properly involved in this yatra.

Shivakumar sent this warning message to Siddaramaiah’s supporters. His supporters, who are in high spirits after the Siddaramautsavam, are not listening to Shivakumar’s instructions. Similarly, Shivakumar’s intention is to organize the Unity Yatra in Karnataka. Due to this agenda, Siddaramaiah was not invited to some meetings. It was heard that Siddaramaiah also told his close friends.

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Important in the committee

In the meantime, KPCC President has formed committees related to the Unity Yatra. KPCC Campaign Committee Chairman M. B. Patil, Working President Ramalinga Reddy, R. Dhruvanarayan, Satish Jarakiholi, Salim Ahmed, Ishwara Khandre, former DCM Dr. G. Parameshwar, former minister K. J. George, K. R. Ramesh Kumar, Dinesh Gundurao, Krishna Byregowda, Priyank Kharge etc. have been appointed. Despite this, the KPCC president’s statement has caused a huge debate in the inner circles of the Congress. This is said to be a continuation of the conflict between the Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar factions.

Fight the ticket statement

Senior leader R. V. Deshpande along with Dinesh Gundurao and Ramalingareddy have given statements. It is important that he said that ticket allocation process will not be done by any leader in Congress.

“The High Command will finalize the ticket allocation in consultation with KPCC president and CLP leaders. Here someone does not decide the ticket. We should go to the elections with unity. My hope is that our government should come,” said former minister R. V. Deshpande said.

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‘One cannot decide on a ticket. There will be an election committee and a review committee for that. Everyone’s opinion is sought. Opinions are collected at the local level as well,’ said former minister Dinesh Gundurao.

‘Ticket distribution in Congress is not done in secret. After gathering the opinion of the election committee about who will get the ticket, a recommendation will be made to the high command. KPCC working president Ramalingareddy said that the high command will announce the ticket only after discussing it with the CLP leaders, KPCC president and other leaders.

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