Congress: Siddaramaiah faction’s displeasure over H.R. Gaviyappa joining Congress: Opposition to DK’s unilateral decision

Bangalore: In the wake of former MLA HR Gaviyappa’s joining the Congress, there is some dissatisfaction within the party, especially in the Bellary Congress, dissent has erupted.

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Not only activists, senior leaders and MLAs are opposing the inclusion of Gaviyappa, MLAs of the Siddaramaiah faction are expressing displeasure at the unilateral decision of the KPCC president.

Congress Former MLA H.R. Gaviyappa, who left Kamal and joined the Congress: Resignation of local leaders against joining

After discussion with KC Kondaiah, Allam Veerabhadrappa, Gaviyappa was inducted into DK Shivakumar’s party. Therefore, most of the MLAs of Bellary were absent from the party joining process held on Friday.

There is also dissatisfaction that Gaviyappa, who contacted Bellary in-charge Eshwar Khandre only on a pretext, informed him about joining the party over the phone instead of meeting him directly. Therefore, Bellary in-charge Ishwar Khandre is absent from the party joining.

Why are MLAs opposing Gaviyappa’s inclusion?

The main reason for the MLAs’ opposition to Gaviyappa’s inclusion is that the Congress MLAs of Bellary district are not trusted. The fact that the party has not been invited to join the program has led to much dissatisfaction. Bellary in-charge Ishwar Khandre’s photo is not included in the banners placed for the inclusion program. Not only that, the photo of the local MLA has not been posted. Instead, only Allam Veerabhadrappa’s photo has been put along with the photo of state and national dignitaries.

But KPCC president DK Sivakumar is displeased that Gaviyappa is not taking the others into consideration. Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah, who was present at the joint press conference on Friday, was not present at the party joining event. Siddaramaiah stayed away from the party joining program under the guise of a book launch event.

Why the opposition of local activists?

Activists do not get HR Gaviyappa constituency. Congress is remembered only when there are elections. He left the party and joined the BJP when the party was in trouble. Now there is a wave in favor of the party and how can they come and join the party now, which has led to the dissatisfaction of the local workers.

What should be done by those who built the party spirit and worked for the party from the beginning. Hand workers have vented their discontent that we workers need someone else to feel empowered. But AICC, which has taken an opinion on Gaviyappa’s party joining, is hearing rumors that Gaviyappa has joined the party because he is the only viable candidate against Anand Singh.

Gaviyappa’s inclusion is opposed by Sandhosh Lad Bari!

It is said that Gaviyappa had worked against Lad in the 2018 elections. It is said that Gaviyappa had worked to defeat Santhosh Lad in the Kalaghatagi constituency, so Lad has expressed displeasure over Gaviyappa’s inclusion. Gaviyappa has joined the Congress despite opposition from Santosh Lad.