Congress shouts on social media: BJP fails to give counter

Bangalore: The BJP, which has been giving continuous blows to the Congress party through strong tactics on social media, is facing a huge setback in recent days. Amidst the clamor of the Congress, the BJP is silent and is being debated in the inner circle of the party.

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BJP was successful in reaching out to the people by conducting party functions through social media and digital media along with a strong cadre force at the grassroots level. In the past, there was a buzz of BJP on social media including Facebook and Twitter. Congress had completely failed to counter BJP’s strategy.

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The BJP IT cell was constantly attacking Congress’ failures. Through this, it was successful in attracting people’s attention. BJP’s IT cell was attracting attention by wooing the Congress and opposition parties through posters, videos and attention-grabbing tweets.

But in recent days, Congress is gaining ground. After DK Shivakumar took charge as KPCC president, the social media department of the Congress has also become active. IT Cell played an important role in many programs and campaigns organized by the Congress.

Congress sources are of the opinion that after Priyank Kharge took charge of social media in Congress, the IT cell is getting more encouragement. In recent times, the change of CM in the state has created a lot of excitement. A tweet by the Congress created a stir in the state. The CM and the minister himself responded to this tweet. This one tweet sparked a debate at the national level as well.

The Congress, which has attracted attention through this, is attacking the government by putting forward some issues every day. The campaign against Agriculture Minister BC Patil’s disappearance in Nere Haram, and the campaigns against the government’s performance in Bangalore Nere are important.

Congress attracted attention through Pay CM campaign

Currently Pay CM is a campaign that has attracted attention at the state and national level. Congress has succeeded in putting the ruling party BJP to sleep by putting up posters every night. Pay CM is getting a lot of discussion on social media. This campaign was successful in giving a blow to the BJP at the national level. The role of social media department led by Priyank Kharge is important in this campaign.

As a counter to this, a campaign was launched by the BJP, but it did not attract much attention. There is a discussion going on in the inner circles of the party about this setback of BJP. Some people in the party are also of the opinion that the importance given to social media in the past is not being given now. It is said that lack of staff and lack of appropriate priority and leadership for the IT cell department is the reason for this setback.

What’s more, the assembly elections are just a few months away. In such a case, promotion on social media is equally important. In this regard, it is interesting to know how the BJP will counter the strategy of the opposition party Congress.