Congress poses 12 questions to PM Modi while touring the state

Bangalore: Congress has posed 12 questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is coming to the state on June 20. Speaking at a press conference at the KPCC office on Saturday, KPCC president Ramalingareddy asked a dozen questions.

Speaking in Bangalore, during the last assembly elections in February 2018, the Congress government had accused the 10% commission government and Siddaramaiah government. Neither Siddaramaiah was against Ara, but there was no complaint or complaint against the cabinet minister. However, for political reasons, the Congress government is 10% government. Would like to hear that.

K Sudhakar should not attend PM Modi’s program: Ramalingareddy

* The President of the Contractors Association, Kempanna, will write to you directly a year ago. Even before his suicide, Belgaum contractor Santosh Patil wrote a letter about 40% commission harassment.

* The PSI is acting as the illegal recruiter in all departments, including assistant professors and the health department. But why is the CBI, ED and Income Tax Department not investigating? Don’t you see your minister’s corruption? The fight against corruption is only a case of filing a case against the Congress leaders.

Remember your saying that by 2022 farmers’ income will double? 700 instead of the income of the farmers. Modi, who says that the fertilizer has reached 2 thousand, the cost of utilization of machinery has doubled? You have said sab ka saath sab ka vikas, but in the name of hijab, azan, halal, economic jihad in the state, what is your stand on this issue?

Do you think the double engine government will float the state of Karnataka? Can you give your government 5 list of achievements in the state?

* As you said at Kovid, we hit the jungle, clapped, lit the lamp. But why did 34 people die in Chamarajanagar in the state without providing oxygen during an emergency? Oxygen, Remedicavir, Bed, Ventilator not found. Not even a cemetery to the side. Why is there no action against your government that falsely reported to you that no one died of oxygen deficiency? Why is it that 400,000 people in the state are lying to thousands, even though they are victims of Kovid?

* Your minister Sudhakar is saying that Kovid infection is spread by the Congress protest. You are doing a public gathering in Kommaghatta, Bangalore with about 50 thousand people, doing yoga in Mysore with more than 12,000 people. Sudhakar is with children without a mask. It has been decided to do a road show for more than 25 km, which was canceled due to heavy rains in Gundi. The patches he put out are gone. For this purpose, Palike had dumped 12km of road.

* There are 8 ministers in Bangalore who are in charge of the PM program. Do not worry. But when millions of roadblocks fell in the city, these ministers did not leave the field when neighbors arrived.

* Goatduatu and Mahadi are two major irrigation projects our state needs. When will you approve this project? Give your clear stance on this.

* In the past, Modi will make a big chant including Basavanna, Ambedkar, Buddha, Bhagat Singh, Narayana Guru, Kanakadas and Mahavir to catch the vote bank. But insulting this gentleman in the name of textbook revision, what is your Sabuboo about this? Your government has pre-arranged the emperor and humiliated the text and the committee has now been dismissed. But the government is defending the Chakraertha and revised text. So what is your justification in this regard?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 20

19 lakh crores in the last eight years from the state to the central government coffers, only Rs 4.5 lakh crores through various schemes. Why not give the state a share of the GST and make Kannadigars a debtor? Why is this doing so unfair to the state? There are 25 MPs from the state who have not raised their voice on the ground, water and language of the state.

* The Chief Ministers did not properly circulate the city for at least 10 months after coming to power. But the prime minister is doing his best to inspect the entire city system. Is Bangalore development merely a development of the constituencies of the BJP? Or the development of 28 sectors?

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