Congress MB Patil to Akhara: Congress masterplan to win over Lingayats

Bangalore: The Congress, which succeeded in demonstrating the unity of the Kuruba and Muslim community through the Siddaramautsavam, is now trying to win over the Lingayat community. In the changed political scenario, attempts are being made to attract the Lingayat community, which is the backbone of the BJP, in this context, KPCC campaign committee president M.B. Patil has come to the fore.

The former chief minister. The Lingayat community, which was with the Congress during Virendra Patil’s tenure, was upset with the manner in which the Congress high command had removed the ailing Virendra Patil from power. In this case, there were no influential Lingayat community leaders in the Congress to hold back the community which was drifting away from the Congress. Meanwhile, the community which was leaning towards the Janata Parivar started leaning towards the BJP along with the Lingayat leaders in the subsequent political scenario.

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However, the Lingayat community to the full extent BJP and B.S. Yeddyurappa’s hand was held by Kumaraswamy during the JDS-BJP coalition government due to corruption of oath. HDK, who had completed his term as the Chief Minister in the coalition government in 2007, was not ready to hand over power to BSY and acted as if he had broken his promise.

BJP and BSY succeeded in taking full advantage of this injustice. After this development, the Lingayat community took full control of the BJP. Even after BSY went to jail on corruption charges, the Lingayat community did not give up on him.

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Yediyurappa’s neglect upset

B.S., who built and raised the BJP party in the state. The way Yeddyurappa has been treated in the BJP has recently led to the displeasure of the Lingayat community. The Lingayat community is not satisfied even though Yeddyurappa was removed from the throne of the Chief Minister and Basavaraja Bommai of the Lingayat community was empowered. It is a fact that Bommai is also not recognized as the unquestionable leader of the Lingayat community.

There is also an opinion that Yediyurappa has been given a seat in BJP’s Central Parliamentary Board after realizing this community outrage. However, the neglect of the BSY family, allegations of corruption by the party itself and attempts to undermine his authority have all led to the pain of the community. This has created a favorable environment for the Congress. Congress is trying to exploit the discontent in this background.

mb patil

The issue of creating a separate religion was expensive for the Congress

In the 2013 assembly elections, many MLAs from the Lingayat community were elected by the Congress. However, the BJP succeeded in using the idea of ​​establishing a separate Lingayat religion as a powerful weapon, undertaken during the last term of the Siddaramaiah government. The Congress failed to justify its decision at grassroots level. BJP’s campaign that Congress is working to break religion was successful. The effect of this was visible in the 2018 assembly elections.

MB Why choose Patil??
MB Patil has his own influence among the leaders of North Karnataka and the Lingayat community. He has his own charisma in the Congress party as well. Although there are leaders of the Lingayat community in the Congress party, M.B. There are no leaders as charismatic as Patil. Besides, along with Legislative Party leader Siddaramaiah, M.B. Patil relationship is good.

In the background of all this, in the current political scenario, M.B. Patil’s efforts to attract the Lingayat community seem to be successful. MB Patil is currently on a state tour. Most importantly, they are visiting Lingayat Maths.

M.B. is taking a cautious step. Patil

It is becoming clear that MB Patil, who suffered setbacks on the issue of separate Lingayat religion, is now taking a very cautious step. Allegation of sexual assault on Muruga Shri M.B. Patil’s response further clarifies this. However, to what extent this effort will bear fruit, the Congress will have to answer for a long time.
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