CM Bommai knows ‘dham’ means ‘dham biryani’: Siddaramaiah sarcasm

Bangalore: “Bommayi has challenged the BJP to withdraw the Yatra if there is Dham. Why should we retreat? If you see the empty chairs in the convention, don’t you feel that your ‘fair’ has been thwarted by our people?” Opposition leader Siddaramaiah has stung CM Basavaraja Bommai.
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Siddaramaiah made a series of tweets about this and Bommayi came to know that Dham means Dham Biryani. Chief Minister Bommai himself knows that you don’t have the courage to challenge us, if you have the courage, first fill the empty seats in your cabinet. Atleast take action against Basavanagowda Yatnal. On top of that, he challenged me to see your Dhamma.

BJP leaders have been saying for some days that they will expose the scandals of my regime. Looking at the High Court notice issued to former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, did he say to me or to Yeddyurappa? He quipped that it is confusing.

If you have the guts, do that first instead of threatening to expose the scandals of my tenure. I am always ready to face it. Use all these blackmail tricks on yourself. Come and settle the series of scandals pending in court against your leaders before the scandals of our government are exposed. He said that the sword you swing should not cut your own neck.
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Are you ready for a public debate on corruption Basavaraja Bommai? Our party is ready. If you are ready, decide the time and place for the public discussion, I will come. As you know Dham means Dham Biryani. Do you have the guts to face the elections with corruption as the issue, Mr. Bommai? You don’t have that sense. Finally, your campaign will end in Hindu-Muslim, Mandir Masjid, Hijab-Saffron Shawl controversy. Opposition leader Siddaramaiah said that you have no other option.

What did the CM say in the public meeting?

Many leaders including CM Bommai, Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar, National General Secretary CT Ravi proposed to expose the scandals of the previous Congress government and warned that the leader will expose his colors. The time is not far when the Congress leader, who is like a bull tiger, will take off his mask and the people will cry… thu… We will expose all the past scams. The CM himself thundered that he will let people know about your perversion. BS Yeddyurappa challenged that he will not let Congress come to power for any reason in the next election.
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The activists were called to question the leaders who started the yatra in the name of ‘Bharat Jodo’ when the yatra arrived in Karnataka.
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Congress leaders, your dream will remain a dream. You have no chance again. We have started from Doddaballapur and we will once again make the lotus bloom by getting the people’s support all over the country. CM Basavaraja had challenged Bommai Congress to try to stop it if they have the strength and courage.