BS Yediyurappa: No doubt, Congress bus will get punctured in the middle of Yatra: Yediyurappa’s future

BS Yediyurappa: No doubt, Congress bus will get punctured in the middle of Yatra: Yediyurappa’s future
Bangalore: Discontent is rife in the Congress party. Former CM BS Yeddyurappa has predicted that the bus tour of Congress leaders will get punctured midway. Speaking at the BJP executive meeting held at Palace Grounds in Bengaluru, he said that Congress leaders are conducting a bus yatra in the state. However, dissatisfaction and resentment are overflowing in the Congress. He said that there is no confusion between us and we are united.

Dr. G. Parameshwar expressed sadness. No doubt, the Congress bus will get punctured in the middle of the yatra. The time of Congress coming to power through money, women and arm power is over. The Union Budget has been presented. Opposition parties also welcomed Nirmala Sitharaman’s budget. Karnataka has given a big contribution budget to the state. Elections are coming between April 10 and 12. He said that no one can stop the BJP from coming to power by getting a clear majority and winning 130-140 seats.

Two Congress leaders are promoting themselves as CM. But who is your leader Rahul Gandhi? He said that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are with us, there is no doubt that BJP will win any election.

Go to any house in the state and tell me if there is one house that does not reach the privilege of the government, many privileges have been given on the basis of social justice. In the Karnataka budget too, we have announced more benefits than expected. Economic condition of all the countries of the world has deteriorated. However, he said that the Indian economy is making good strides.

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No amount of power can prevent BJP from coming to power. Our focus should be to go to SC, ST backward class mohallas and try to find their problems. In this case, there is no obstacle to win 130-140 seats.

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Karnataka is the first state to implement NEP!
Karnataka is the first state to implement NEP. Karnataka is the first state to provide incentives to milk producers. Poor people are benefited through Bhagya Lakshi Yojana. 23.85 crore houses have been connected to the Ganga from house to house. Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act has been enacted. He informed that the construction work of Ram Mandir has started in Ayodhya.

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BJP will come to power on its own power without depending on anyone. Door to door delivery of central government and state government projects should be done. He suggested that a women’s team should work for the party in the village and a youth team should be formed. He spoke to the SC and ST people and instructed them to find a solution to the problem.

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