BS Yediyurappa : Disgruntled with the party V. Talking to Somanna: BSY

BS Yediyurappa : Disgruntled with the party V.  Talking to Somanna: BSY
Bangalore: Former CM BS Yeddyurappa said that he will talk to Minister V Somanna who is dissatisfied with the behavior of BJP leaders.

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Speaking in Bangalore on Tuesday, he said that he has left for a district tour. V. He said that he will talk to Somanna. V. Somanna is upset about some of the party’s moves. There is also news that he will go to Congress.

V Somanna, who spoke in Bengaluru on Monday on the issue of discontent, said that all these things exist in politics. But you told me what to say and where to say it.

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There are forks in politics. But he said that I am not a monk and said that if he gives BJP ticket in this election, he will stand, no, no, no.

Talking about the ticket demand for his son, he said, Have you ever asked for a ticket for my son? He questioned. KPCC president DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah said that we are all friends and we have worked together. They said they are doing their work, I am doing my work.

BSY who did not negotiate with Somanna

Minister V. Even though Somanna’s resentment is intensifying, former CM BS Yeddyurappa has not yet held talks with Somanna. Yediyurappa had said that he would call Somanna and talk to him last week as well. But they have not met and discussed. But now he said that he will talk with Somanna again. But to what extent this will be possible, we have to wait and see.

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