Boiling water even in dry tube wells; Better rainfall, increase in groundwater level

JR Girish Bangalore
The rains in the state have given a lifeline and Varunadev has become a boon for the increase of ground water. The ground water level has improved considerably in most of the districts of the state and water is coming up even in the dried up tube wells.

After 2001, the use of ground water in the state was beyond the limit. Mainly for agricultural purposes, the ground water table was drained as the farmers dug tube wells in competition with each other. By 2017, the ground water table in most of the districts had sunk to the bottom and water in many tube wells had dried up. Due to excessive use of ground water and lack of rain, water scarcity has been created in many districts.
Chikkaballapur Rain | Water overflow in borewells: Ground water level rise in Chikkaballapur
Even in plain districts like Kolar, Chikkaballapur, Tumkur, Chitradurga, water was difficult to get even after drilling 1,500 feet bore wells. Now the picture has changed as it has been raining well for two years. Most of the lakes have overflowed and check dams have reached record levels of water. The water in the lake and check dams has improved the ground water level in the land. There are about 30 lakh tube wells in the state, and in many places the ground water has risen to a record level and the water in the tube wells is gushing out naturally like a spring.

Average rise is 6.88 meters
There are 1,700 tube wells belonging to the Directorate of Groundwater in urban, town and rural areas of the state. These borewells are purely for the purpose of ground water level and water quality assessment. The directorate has evaluated the ground water level in these tubewells using Digital Water Level Recorder (DWLR) equipment and the results have been promising.
Bengaluru Rain: Bengaluru rain and infrastructure maintenance 300 crores: Basavaraja Bommai
In 2017, the average groundwater level of the state was 18.14 meters. The average ground water level has risen to 11.26 meters due to more than expected rainfall for 2 years. An assessment by the Directorate of Groundwater has revealed an average increase in groundwater level of 6.88 meters (22.70 feet) over the previous 5 years.

Officials of the Directorate of Groundwater said that due to continuous rains, farmers have reduced the use of tubewell water for agricultural activities, filling of lakes and checkdams is the main reason for the improvement in ground water level.

record in plain districts

In Kolar district, the groundwater level has risen the highest in the state at 47.89 meters. 17.79 m in Chikkaballapur district, 15.50 m in Tumkur district, 13.26 m in Chitradurga district, 10.24 m in Ramanagar district. And Haveri district has seen a rise of 15.49 meters. Along with rain in Kolar and Chikkaballapur district, ground water level has improved considerably due to KC Valley and HN Valley project water. However, the groundwater level has dropped in Kodagu district, which has been hit hard due to flood due to rain. Compared to the situation in 2017, the ground water level in Kodagu district has decreased by 1.31 meters. Similarly in Dakshina Kannada district it has decreased by 0.86 meters and in Bidar district by 0.20 meters.
Vani Vilasa reservoir created a new record in history; Water level is 135 feet
We have evaluated the groundwater level in every district of the state. Ground water level has risen in most of the districts due to rain. Groundwater levels have increased to record levels, mainly in plain districts.
BG Ramachandraiah
Director, State Ground Water Directorate

District-Wise Average Ground Water Level (in Meters)
District -2017- 2022

  • Bagalkot -18.39- 12.21
  • Bangalore Rural 3-8.94- 35.26
  • Bangalore City -29.31 -22.90
  • Belgaum- 14.38- 10.32
  • Bellary -7.44-4.51
  • Bidar- 11.32-11.52
  • Chamarajanagar -18.67- 11.60
  • Chikkaballapur -38.26- 20.47
  • Chikmagalur- 13.13 -9.28
  • Chitradurga- 22.86 -9.60
  • Dakshina Kannada -10.81 -11.67
  • Davanagere -13.05 -6.26
  • Dharwad- 16.06 -7.79
  • Gadag- 17.34 -9.73
  • Hassan -15.93 -8.19
  • Haveri- 24.37 -8.88
  • Kalaburgi- 8.03 -7.50
  • Kodagu -9.64 -10.95
  • Kolar -72.01 -24.12
  • Koppal -14.47- 8.10
  • Mandya -12.64 -6.43
  • Mysore- 13.55 -8.74
  • Raichur- 8.29 -5.07
  • Ramanagara -24.87- 14.63
  • Shimoga -9.78 -8.18
  • Tumkur -27.71 -12.21
  • Udupi -6.72 -6.42
  • Uttara Kannada -8.01 -6.10
  • Vijayanagar -15.25- 13.76
  • Vijayapura- 14.83- 12.06
  • Yadagiri -6.17- 4.74