Blood of poor youth is the blood of BJP: HDK hits back at BJP for complaining about tears

Bangalore: Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, who has criticized the BJP, has criticized it as a perverted, eccentric party.

In a series of tweets about this, he said, “The moment our father watched the JDS convention in Nagamangala live from his residence in Bangalore, I, my brother and everyone there were moved to tears by the BJP. Is it so disgusting about someone else’s tears? Is this the rite taught by the Sangha? Whew!! Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy exclaims. BJP is a weird, perverted party. BJP is a destructive party that relied on HDK, Operation Kamalav, which means terror BJP. Massacres are its craft, the blood of poor youths is its share of ‘authority’. So many guts are crying. Is there a moral to answer that? Then Tong said, talk about my tears.
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He said that I cannot talk lightly about the tears and emotions of others, but I want to remind the perverted BJP. Which party is the one who shed tears on the stage while giving a farewell speech in the banquet hall of Vidhansouda saying that the power will go away? He whipped the BJP. There is no sympathy for those who died in the flood, no mercy for the youths who were killed in the middle of the streets due to corrupt politics. Color talk, artificial comfort!! However, the chief minister of which party, Mahasaya, who burst into tears in front of the media after seeing the scene of the dog’s death in the movie? tell me a little said Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai without mentioning his name.

‘Yes. Crying is our instinct. But it is not a Ravana culture to erase others like you. Kumaraswamy, who said, ‘You can’t set fire to life’, is not crying because of the death of another’s children. Violence and carnage is your religion, isn’t it? Will that Shiva like it if you make the murders a step and make “Kashi corridors”? This vain lamentation of yours is proof that our Janata Jaladhara has distracted you. The entire state is washing its hands in tears. Can’t you see the scenes of Karnataka floating in the media? Why does the BJP not see the terror created by the neighbor? Criticized that.
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Now Sai Layout is floating again. Are you not listening to the cries of Arkavati Layout? HDK has questioned that, most of the areas of Bangalore are islands under water. What is flowing there is really a stream of people’s tears. Your eyes, which are closed in the intoxication of communal membrane, cannot see the tears of people, right?. Serial massacres, rituals, ideas, trade, clothing; Why is that? Your perversity has spread even in the food you eat. The day is near when people will teach you a lesson about relationships for those of you who are perverse about father-child relationship. Then we sink and float. People have drowned you! Warning!! He retorted.
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You say we are struggling to retain 30 seats. Have you forgotten that this same 30-seat party came and stood at the door for power? He questioned that, there is a stench of “Operation Kamala” all over the country. Don’t you feel disgusted? You know very well what the weather will be like for the next election. I also know how many surveys you have done. You who have not gone beyond murunki are perverting and creating bloodshed. HDK stung the BJP that they should wait and see who will create an unfavorable environment.