BJP VS Congress: Congress new strategy to form referendum against BJP! A different campaign on social media

Bengaluru: The state Congress is planning to hold a referendum against the BJP and has launched a different campaign on social media. It has started a campaign against the government and BJP through posters on social media. Congress has planned to deliver 40% commission campaign to the people as the election draws nearer.

The campaign was launched through accounts other than the official social network of the Congress and a Facebook page was created under the name of 40% Govt. This page has lakhs of followers and through them Congress has devised a strategy to make the campaign successful.

At 40% Commission Road, Yamagundi, Yamari Bidre Mugeetu Jeevan Bandi poster is attracting attention. Similarly, in another poster, CM Bommai is portrayed as Yama. A campaign has been launched against the CM and Ministers through the names of various movies.

CM and Minister Aswath Narayan poster as Kiladi Jodi, Sarwar Somanna as poster against Minister V Somanna, Ramesh Jarakiholi poster as Chapala Channigaraya, Minister BC Nagesh as Kitchen Bhattar poster, etc. Using posters in different ways, Congress campaign against the government through the phase of 40% government. shared

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Earlier, the Congress campaigned against the state government by pasting Pay CM posters nightly. At the national level, the PACM poster made noise. A complaint was also filed against the person who pasted the poster. This poster was quite embarrassing for the state government. Now, in another round, the Congress has launched a campaign against the BJP government using social media.

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The president of the contractors’ association had accused the BJP-led state government of getting 40 percent commission for the work from the contractors. Keeping it as a weapon, the Congress has been criticizing the BJP government. This controversy has made a lot of noise both inside and outside the Legislative Assembly. Now taking it to another level, Congress is trying to create public opinion against BJP with a separate page.

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