BJP plan to give counter to Siddaramautsav..! Preparation for return through Janotsava

Bangalore: The Siddaramautsav program held on the occasion of the opposition leader Siddaramaiah’s birthday has been a success beyond expectations and has given the BJP a headache. BJP is preparing a counter strategy if the huge crowd gathered in Davangere increases the vigor of the Congress.

In the meantime, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who had arrived in the state, got information about the Siddaramautsav program and is said to have advised to prepare a program to compensate for it. In this regard, BJP is thinking of organizing Janatsavam on a large scale.

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A Janotsava program was organized in Doddaballapur on the occasion of completion of one year of Basavaraja Bommai’s government. However, this program was canceled due to the assassination of BJP youth leader Praveen. CM Bommai, who had held a press conference late at night, had announced the cancellation of the Janotsava programme.

After this, the Siddharamotsava program held on Wednesday in Davangere was a success. Around seven lakh people attended the event. Of course, the success of Siddaramautsava has given the Congress a boost.

Congress has decided to strategize for the elections keeping this program in front. Making plans for this. In this background, it is also necessary for BJP to give a counter to this.

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Janotsava at the district level

In order to inform the people about the achievements of the BJP government in three years and the future programs, the BJP is now thinking of organizing Janotsava programs at the district level as well.

BJP is thinking of organizing two such programs in the district in a month. The BJP is thinking of celebrating Janotsava on a grand scale in Davangere where Siddaramautsava was held. After that, the BJP plan is to hold the concluding Janotsava program in Doddaballapur.

The challenge of adding a large number of people

The BJP is thinking of including people on a large scale in the Janotsava, just like the large number of people who attended the Congress Siddharmotsavam. There is a different political climate in the state. There is dissension and impatience in the party as well. Even among the workers, there is dissatisfaction with the party leadership. This outrage was also evident during the assassination of BJP’s youth leader Praveen. In such a situation, it is a challenge to mobilize people on a large scale and thereby counter the Congress.

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