BJP: Let BJP make fun of PM Modi’s expensive suit too: Dinesh Gundurao

Bangalore: Former KPCC president Dinesh Gundu Rao has challenged the BJP, which mocks Rahul Gandhi’s expensive T-shirt, to mock Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s expensive suit.

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He has tweeted about this, self-proclaimed fakir Modi wears suit shoes worth millions. Can BJP not see that? Asked that.

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What morality does the BJP have to talk about Rahul Gandhi’s attire? A fakir is the epitome of a saint. Those who are called as fakirs have retorted that they should not lead a luxurious life.

Let the BJP first tell the self-proclaimed fakir Modi to give up his expensive life and then talk about Rahul Gandhi. The building is falling and rotting on BJP’s plate. So why worry about someone else’s plate? Asked that.

The rise in prices in the country is making people’s lives stagnant, the BJP has criticized that it is ridiculous that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is always bombarded, wearing a shirt worth Rs 41,257 and traveling in a luxury bus worth crores is ridiculous.

BJP is looking at us. Watching us. I have built a two lakh watch.This is my own money. Rahul Gandhi t-shirt is priced at 40 thousand rupees, let’s discuss. Let’s discuss about the chaddi placed inside them. Let there be a discussion about his sleeping room. He said that he did not put a crore rupee suit.