Bengaluru Lakes: How many lakes are covered in Bengaluru? R. Ashok opened the list in the House

Bangalore: How many lakes are covered in Bangalore? In this regard, Revenue Minister R. Ashok released the list in the Legislative Assembly on Monday. He explained that the lakes have been used for other purposes since 1963.

The details given by R. Ashok are as follows:
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*Dommalur Lake-1977

*HAL 2nd Phase- 1978

*HAL 3rd Phase – 1978

* HSR Barangay 1986

*Koramangala- 1965

*Nagar Bavi- 2001

*Rajajinagar- 1963
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*Visveshwaraiah Barangay- 2002

*RV Second Phase- 2001

*East of NGF-2000

*HRB – 2000

*HRB- 1st Phase- 1986

*HRB 2nd Block- 2000
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*HRB 1st Phase 5th Block- 1986.

* Dollars Colony Scheme- 1973

*BTM Barangay 1995

*Banashankari 1975

Ashok explained that lakes have been encroached on for settlement and public purpose in other places.
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Speaking earlier, he said that 28 calls have been blocked by an organization in Bengaluru. BBMP has closed five lakes, BDA has approved one call for closure and private encroachers have closed 7 lakes. He explained that a total of 42 calls have been closed in Bangalore.

Due to the closure of the lake, rain water is now going directly to Mahadevpur.

Had the lakes remained, around four TMC of water could have been stored. There was enough space for a bus stand in the past. But the lake has been closed. If there was a Kantheerava stadium lake, how would it be today? He questioned.
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Congress objected to Ashok’s information and shouted that let’s make the lake back. Ramakrishna Hegde says he will undo what Nijalingappa did. Krishna Byregowda objected that he is telling a thirty year old story.

Now they are telling the story of decades by surveying Rajkaluve. Siddaramaiah challenged that what is the use of this, remove the Dollars Colony and make a lake.

There was an attempt to cover the lakes during the Congress period: Basavaraja Bommai
CM Bommai: Attempt to cover lakes during Congress: CM Bommai

CM Bommai alleged that lake-swallowing was done during the Congress period by presenting the cabinet resolution of 2017.

In the cabinet meeting held in 2017, it was decided to remove the rights over the lakes under section (19) of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964 to use the derelict lakes for public purposes. A decision was taken in the cabinet meeting to amend the provision in the said column. But this decision has not been implemented, instead it was an attempt, he said.