BC Patil’s study tour in Germany, Switzerland and Italy!

Bangalore: In the backdrop of the International Organic and Cereals Fair, Agriculture Minister BC Patil has conducted a study tour with the officials of the Agriculture Department of Germany, Switzerland and Italy from last July 26 to August 6.

In addition, the minister said in the announcement that during the study tour, he has made a point of comparing how the country’s food producers, including the farmers of our state, can profit from their agricultural activities.

Agriculture Minister B.C. appealed to the Center to supply urea. Patil

“International Organic and Cereals Trade Fair” is being organized in the capital Bangalore to bring benefits to the farmers and agriculturists and to attract more farmers towards agriculture.

As the International Organic and Cereals Fair is being organized in Bangalore in the month of November, the Minister of Agriculture has personally visited and invited the heads of global agricultural organizations and the exporters participating in global agricultural conferences and the heads of private organizations.

The agricultural activities of the farmers there and in our state include the objective of publicizing the achievements of the Department of Agriculture and agricultural projects at the global level. Minister B.C. Patil has participated in the International Organic Conference (BIOFAC-2022) organized in Nuremberg, Germany on a study tour and held consultations with the representatives from different countries and visited the exhibition stalls.

Discussed with Suresh, Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka, the implementation of organic farming in Sri Lanka and the export potential of organic materials. Asanka D’Silva, CEO of a well-known global manufacturer of Anti-Oxidant Blended Coffee, said that the organic coffee production opportunities of the state were discussed. .

Discussion with Falada, Nature Biofood, Arya Foods and IFOAM Directors from 27th to 29th July, Visit to International Organic Research Institute (FIBL) at Fricke, Zurich, Switzerland from 30th July to 2nd August to discuss the research programs undertaken in India by the Department of Agriculture. He also discussed about agriculture with Kannada association officials of Munich city.

From August 3rd to 5th, meetings were held with the officials of the global agricultural organizations and the Embassy of India in the cities of Rome and Milan, Italy, and with Italian traders and Indian traders residing in Italy.

Meetings with Manoj Juneja, Deputy Executive Director of the World Food Program in Rome, Italy, Ismahana EP, Chief Scientist of the World Food Organization and Senior Advisor Mona and Beth Bekadal, Deputy Director General of the World Food Organization, Dominique Ziller, Vice President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, and officials of the Consulate General of India in Rome, Italy. Presently, Padici elaborated on the production of cereals in the state of Karnataka on the programs devised so far by the Government of Karnataka to celebrate the International Year of Cereals- 2023.

He invited the heads of global agriculture organizations to the International Organic and Cereals Trade Fair to be organized in Bangalore in November-2022 to make the Cereals Fair a success.

Agriculture Department Secretary Shivayogi Kalasad, State Organic High Level Empowered Committee Immediate Past Chairman, Ananda Agricultural University, Bangalore Governing Council Member Suresh Maragada Farmer Niranjan Babu and Minister’s Special Officer Manju AC were also present on the study tour.