BBMP Ward Reservation: Congress MLAs outraged by Govt’s action, decision to legal fight

Bangalore: The state government has announced reservation for 224 wards of BBMP, and Congress MLAs have expressed their outrage.

The Congress MLAs who held a press conference at the KPCC office on Friday expressed outrage that the state government had announced the reservation for selfishness and for their benefit.

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Speaking about this, MLA Dinesh Gundurao said that the Urban Development Department should be named BJP Development Office. Ward allocation and reservation has been announced for the convenience of BJP MLAs. Why has BJP not allocated reservation for women in the constituency? He questioned.

They are doing politics in everything including ward redistribution, reservation. Dinesh Gundurao warned that we will fight against this legally and politically.

MLA Ramalinga Reddy said that guidelines were not followed while announcing reservation. He had redistributed the constituency as he came to his mind. Delimitation of Keshav Krupa’s notices took place. No response has been received to the objection. Women’s reservation has been given in many fields. He expressed indignation that the STSC reservation has also done as it pleases.

It is BJP’s job to seize power through the left. Oppose this and go to court. He demanded that the government immediately withdraw the reservation declaration.

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Rizwan Harshad said that this reservation was not made in the interest of Bangalore city. It was done in the interest of his party. BJP has done a circus to win. It has not been done within the legal framework. Created by Ward in the way of dinosaurs. Wards have been divided in such a way as to mislead people. He said there are more votes than the population in the wards.

MP DK Suresh said that the Congress is against this reservation announcement. It is against the constitution. BJP is going beyond the legal framework. He said that the decision is in the grace of Kesava.

Vikas Soudha has been converted into a BJP office. He expressed outrage that the urban development department should be boarded as BJP office. Due to the fear of defeat beyond the guidelines, reservation was declared against social justice. The hand of the Chief Minister is behind this. The CM has taken this decision as a puppet of Bangalore BJP MLAs. The announcement of reservation was made with a calculated political motive. Congress party is not afraid of elections. He said that we will fight against the BJP and face the elections.

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