Basavaraja Bommai to New Delhi on Thursday

Bangalore: Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai will travel to New Delhi on Thursday to hold talks with senior leaders. The visit of CM Aadir Delhi is quite interesting.

He will travel to New Delhi at 1.30 pm on Thursday and meet the Union Minister. In the meantime, the volume expansion exercise is taking place, likely to meet BJP national president JP Nadda.

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Volume expansion or restructuring has been debated for several days. But no decision has yet been made by the nobles. As the next election is getting closer, so is the pressure on aspirants. If Nedda meets him, this is possible.

In addition, the CM could hold discussions with the seniors about the election of the BBMP and local bodies. Already, the Supreme Court has instructed the BBMP to begin its election process within six weeks.

Behind this, the long-awaited policy ward reinsurance report was sent to the government for approval. BBMP special commissioner Rangappa S has informed about the matter and Policy Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta has lodged a draft with the Urban Development Department. CM Bommai could also hold talks with the elite in this regard.

Punchamasali Reservation: Reconciliation Success at CC Patil’s Home!

Talk about the demand for Panchamasaali reservation?

It is also possible to have discussions with CM peers on the demand for reservation. The meeting was held on Wednesday at the residence of Minister of State for External Affairs, CC Patil. CM Bommayi then visited CC Patil and Yatnal. Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai has promised to take further action following the report of the Permanent Backward Commission. But fighters have given the August 22 deadline. This issue could also be discussed with CM peers.

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