Basavaraj Dhadesugur | PSI recruitment scam: Allegation against Basavaraj Dadesaguru, BJP in trouble

Bengaluru: The ruling party has put the BJP in a quandary with allegations of bribery against BJP MLA Basavaraj Dhadesugur regarding PSI recruitment. Congress is demanding action against the MLA, but only Basavaraja Dadesaguru has denied the allegations against him.

The legislative session started on Monday and the Dadesaguru case has become a powerful weapon for the Congress. The Congress is ready to raise this issue in the House as well. This development has given the ruling party BJP a headache.
PSI Scam | Basavaraja Dhesuguru accused of taking bribe in PSI scam: Congress ready for fight
What is the charge?

MLA Basavaraja Dadesaguru is alleged to have received Rs 15 lakh in connection with PSI recruitment. In this regard, the audio has also gone viral and Dadesaguru himself has admitted that it is my own voice. In this regard, Parasappa has filed a complaint with the Koppal BJP district president.

What is the Congress demand?

Regarding the case, MLA Priyank Kharge, who spoke at a press conference on Monday, said MLA Dadesaguru came and talked about finances. Discussion will be held in August 2020. There will be a conversation in the MLA’s car. MLAs have done business after having lunch. The business is for thirty lakhs. 15 lakh rupees advance. He alleged that MLA’s House is a hindrance to business.
Illegal recruitment of PSI: Congress releases video against Dadesaguru
Who was the Home Minister when the money was given? When the work did not work, Parasappa asked for the money back. For ministers, MLAs are brokers. BJP is now a corrupt Janata Party. Alleging that the broker has turned into a Janata Party, he asked why no action has been taken against the MLAs yet. They complained that not even a notice was given.

PSI scam case: Congress protest in Karatagy demanding arrest of BJP MLA Basavaraj Dadesaguru

CM Bommai was then the Home Minister. Now they are challenging us. The CM spoke about strength and dham. They are responding to the corrupt people instead of responding to the people. Sumoto case should be registered first. The giver and the taker agreed. However, no action has been taken. In this regard, they have demanded that the MLAs should be arrested and investigated first.
PSI Recruitment Scam: PSI Recruitment Illegal brokers tipped off!
What is the explanation of Dadesaguru?

The audio for the case is not current. Instead, it is 2020, and that is the audio that talked about panchayat. I said that I will solve the problem. They cut the audio and tried to implicate me in this case.

Parasappa’s son had not passed the physical examination. Parasappane said this in front of the media. Former MLA Shivraj Tandagi is making false allegations. I came with a document. I will answer the accusation against me in the House. They say I have not done anything wrong.

PSI Scam: PSI Illegal Recruitment Case The voice in the audio is mine! But, no money was taken: Basavaraja Dadesuguru

What is CM Bommai?

Speaking about the Basavaraja Dadesaguru audio video case, CM Basavaraja Bommai said he does not know about the audio video. But we will check about that. If anything, we will investigate.