Bangalore Intercity Araseikere, Talaguppa Express stops at Tumkur! Three days difference

Bangalore Intercity Araseikere, Talaguppa Express stops at Tumkur!  Three days difference
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Tumkur: The express train from Talaguppa to Bengaluru stopped at Tumkur and the Siddhganga Intercity train from Dharwad to Bangalore stopped at Araseikere, leaving the passengers traveling to Bangalore stranded.

The Siddaganga Intercity, which left Dharwad at 6 am on Tuesday, ended its journey at Araseikere in view of the ongoing repair of the railway flyover near Siddaganga Mutt. The Talaguppa-Bangalore Express train also ends at Tumkur. This caused traffic problems. Passengers who had tickets to Bangalore had to get off at Tumkur and make a change of arrangements to travel to Bangalore.

Railway officials are reluctant to give ticket money

After waiting for hours, the passengers of Hirana started asking the railway staff for their money back, and the staff walked away from the spot. 19 trains were stopped due to track repair. The work was completed around 2.30 pm and the railway traffic became smooth.

Return the money to the counter

As information was not received in time about the stoppage of the train at Tumkur, tickets were given up to Bangalore. Passengers besieged the counter at Tumkur railway station when the staff refused to refund the ticket money. The railway police clarified the situation, spoke to the railway officials and returned the Tumkur-Bangalore ticket money to the passengers.

3 days work

Railway officials have informed that the work will be carried out till May 26 and there will be no train traffic between Tumkur and Bangalore from 10 am to 2 pm.

Goa train also runs late

The Vasco da Gama Yeshavantpur Express train, which was supposed to reach Yesvantpur at 12 in the morning, arrived at the station at 4 in the afternoon. Similarly, there has been a lot of disruption in the service of many trains.

Garam against Railways for not providing information

Passengers have not been informed that the train will stop in the middle of the route due to the work. The passengers lashed out at the railway officials for not giving any information even during the booking process. A lot of people who traveled from the railway station to the bus station and from there took the Bangalore bus, cursed the railway department.

Extension of special train service

Background of summer vacation Special train service from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh has been extended for a month.

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