Azan v / s Bhajan is loud: only government is silent, says Vatal Nagaraj

Bangalore: Supreme Court order on loudspeaker use The pro-Kannada militant Vatal Nagaraj has questioned him.

Speaking in the Assembly on Monday, he urged the government to take appropriate action on the controversy.

You have been in politics for over six decades in the state. I have seen all the great ones. But what is happening in the state today does not mean that. Who can say anything about loudspeakers here? He asked.

Mubarak led by Muthalik!

This is one way. CM Bommai suggested that the government should take a serious decision rather than remain silent on the issue of governance.

The former CM H D Kumaraswamy said that Pramod Muthalik should be arrested. The situation must be understood before making a statement. The government has not called anyone. It is imperative to take stern action on them. ”

Loud Speaker Conflict Intensified in State

Otherwise the state would look like no one ever asked. Become irresponsible. Watal demanded that the CM take the matter seriously.

The garden of peace of all races is the epicenter of the state. It is chanted every day. If we don’t know about this, there is no one more foolish than this. There is talk to the Bandam to the mouth. The situation is terrifying. CM should think seriously about this. He said law and order in the state needs to be maintained.

Hijab told me not to shop at the temple fair. Today, Mike snatched and told me. The government knows nothing of this. The government must act promptly. All the secular leaders of Karnataka should be summoned and discussed. CM said that the time has come for us to sit down and think seriously.

Azan v / s Bhajan: DK Sivakumar is a deliberate act of quarreling

Is the Supreme Court ordering an attic? Is there anything you can do? Is this a state that does not ask? What if the order is gone while sleeping half night? Vatal Nagaraj asked the question.