Assembly Election 2022: Congress ticket: Application by members of same family in many constituencies

Bengaluru: November 15 is the last day to apply for the Congress ticket and many aspirants are coming to the KPCC office to apply. What is interesting this time is that many constituencies have submitted applications from members of the same family.

Three members of the same family have applied for the ticket for the Sagar Constituency. Kagodu Thimmappa, Kagodu’s daughter Dr. Rajanandini, son-in-law Belur Gopalakrishna have submitted the application. Besides this, BR Jayant and Ratnakar have also placed demand for Sagar ticket from Honagodu.

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Former minister HC Mahadevappa and his son Sunil Bose have applied for the ticket. If HC Mahadevappa applied for Nanjangudi, T. Sunil Bose has applied for Narasipur constituency.

Important highlights of application submission

*More than 400 applications have been returned with 2 lakh DD.
* So far 30 MLAs have applied for the ticket. Many MLAs and ticket aspirants are still pending.
*V.R Sudarshan, the former chairman, has applied for the Kolar constituency. But it seems that Siddaramaiah is thinking of applying after the contest is confirmed.
*V.R. Along with Sudarshan, Govinde Gowda and Srinivas are said to have applied.
* No application has been submitted from Varuna and Chamundeshwari constituencies.
*Former MLA Prasanna Kumar filed the application while the sitting Pulakeshi MLA Akhand Srinivas Murthy was present. Akhanda Srinivas Murthy will submit the petition on Tuesday.
*Nayana Motamma who has submitted an application for Mudigere Constituency.

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* Former Mayor Sampath Raj has applied for CV Raman Nagar.
* Nagaratna, Binnadi Prabhakar submitted along with Nayana Mottamma.
* Mahila Congress president Pushpa Amarnath has applied for Mahadevpur and Sakaleshpur constituencies.
*Former Minister Shivraj Tangadagi has applied for Kanakagiri Constituency.
*H. Sitting MLA Anil Chikkamadu applied for D. Kote
* Ivan D’Souza for Mangalore South, Moidin Bhav for Mangalore North.
*Application for Udupi Constituency by five local Mogaveera leaders. Somanna Bevin Marad has applied for the CM Constituency Shiggavim. Iqbal Hussain has filed to contest against Anita Kumaraswamy in Ramanagara.