Arya v/s Dravida, Siddaramaiah’s statement against India’s integrity: CT Ravi

Bangalore: BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi expressed outrage that Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah’s statement on Arya vs. Dravida issue is against India’s integrity.

Speaking at an event in Tamil Nadu, Siddaramaiah said that we are the original inhabitants of this land, the Dravidians, and we are neither immigrants nor invaders from Europe or Central Asia. We were born in this land and built our lives through struggle. They won against those who came here from foreign countries and tried to destroy our clan. I do not want to continue the history of this Arya-Dravidian conflict.

But this struggle has not stopped, it continues today and needs to continue. The Aryans whom we repulsed centuries ago have attacked again in a different form, their form, colour, language, weapons may have changed, but the evil within has not changed. The prejudice against us aborigines has not changed. They have not yet been able to completely occupy the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. But they have entered the state of Karnataka. He said that we need your help to rush them out of there.

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Responding to this, CT Ravi, Siddaramaiah’s statement is a statement against the integrity of India. Unconstitutional statement. Kuvempu Naad Gita should be understood with emotion. In Naad Gita
Kuvempu has not said that Kannada is a weapon against another language.

But Siddaramaiah is working to raise Arya and Dravida ideology for political malice. Scientifically who is Arya who is Dravida? At that time, it was the word used to decide who was the greatest. But it is not used as an indicator of race, he said.

What history did Siddaramaiah read? Is Italy history? Read the history of the country. They are working on building a language against another language. This kind of mentality is dangerous.
Using language as a weapon of division is dangerous for the integrity of the country.
He expressed outrage that it was unfortunate that such people were given an award named after Ambedkar.

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On this occasion, we will face elections under the leadership of Bommai. He said that then who will be the CM will be chosen by the legislature party meeting and the parliamentary board.

Are they not CM aspirants? To the question, who has taken away the degree from me? That’s an activist degree. I will live with the tag of activist till death. Stations are coming every now and then. But he said that the permanent degree is a worker.