Arun Singh in Karnataka – Rowdies, those with criminal backgrounds are not allowed to join the party: Arun Singh clarifies

Bangalore: State BJP in-charge Arun Singh said that rowdies and those with criminal background are not allowed to join the party for any reason.

Speaking at the BJP office on Saturday, he said that the Congress has no other topics to talk about. Thus he accused Rowdy of trying to throw mud at BJP by proposing politics.

Opposition Congress has no other issues to talk and discuss. Thus, it is trying to throw mud on BJP by proposing rowdy politics. The party does not allow rowdies or those with criminal background to join for any reason. He said that the state president of the party has clarified the stand of the party in this matter.

Central Committee Decision

The party’s central election committee will select party candidates for the upcoming assembly elections in the state. He said that it is up to the central committee whether it is the Gujarat model or something else.

The Janasankalpa Yatra led by Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai and former CM BS Yeddyurappa is getting tremendous response across the state. Arun Singh expressed confidence that people wanted to bring the BJP back to power and victory was certain in more than 150 seats.

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Discussion in the inner circle of the party

The issue of Rowdy’s joining the party and participating in the program has created a lot of debate within the BJP party. BJP is trying hard to end the controversy. CM Basavaraj Bommai and BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel have already clarified. Some senior ministers have also raised objections about the inclusion of rowdies. Although they do not express their opinion openly, internally some MLAs and leaders of the party are opposing the move.

An influential minister expressed his objection in this matter during an internal communication. ‘The party’s charisma is being threatened by the inclusion of rowdies. “This is not the right move,” he said.

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Damage to Lotus Charisma

Names like Silent Sunila, Fighter Ravi, Wilson Gordon Naga, Manjunath N Alias ​​Kutty etc. are being floated around the BJP leaders which is harming the party. The Congress is also trying to make the BJP a thorn in the side by putting forward these same issues during the election.