Arrest of BJP members who posted posters against Congress is not necessary: ​​Siddaramaiah’s question

Bangalore:As a counter to Pay CM’s poster, why is there no arrest of BJP members who made posters against Congress? Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah questioned.

Speaking at Vidhansouda, he spoke about the arrest of Congress workers and said that the 40% commission movement is going on from the Congress party. I, DK, BK Hariprasad all did the agitation. A poster was put up yesterday as part of it. BJP also made false accusations, he said.

PAYCM Poster: Pay CM poster campaign: Two members of the Congress social media department were arrested by the police!
Those who don’t want us have put up posters, haven’t they? Why has he not been arrested? B.R. Naidu was arrested at night. What did they steal? We are agitating. Shouldn’t we fight against the government? He questioned.

Siddaramaiah has said re-do to us too. How long has it been since the President of the Contractors Association, Kempanna, wrote the letter, why was this not investigated? If it was a melee attack on Yeddyurappa’s close friend, then the record was found, should it be investigated? He questioned.

The government is working to cover them all. When Prime Minister Modi gives a speech, he says that he will level corruption, Nakhavunga, Na Khane Doonga. We ourselves will protest on Friday against the arrest of the coordinator of the Congress social network. Siddaramaiah expressed anger at the arrest of the activists saying that they are going to protest with posters.

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