Araga Gyanendra is preparing to go to jail: BK Hariprasad

Bangalore: Leader of Opposition in Parishad BK Hariprasad predicted that Home Minister Araga Gyanendra is preparing to go to jail.

Speaking at Vidhansouda on Monday, he said that the monsoon season is starting. In this background, we will talk about the rain disaster, the government’s failure and the hardships of the people in the House, he said.

We will discuss about illegal recruitment and corruption in police department. Earlier, Araga Gyanendra had said that there was no illegality in the appointment of police in the House. But later a senior IPS officer was arrested and alleged that he sacrificed an IPS officer to escape.

If there is such a Home Minister, except Amit Shah, Arag Gyanendra is the only one. Apart from this, we will also discuss the charge of 40% commission in the House. He said that there should be a discussion in the House about how people are reeling from the rain.
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46 officers have gone to jail in connection with PSI irregularities. Araga Parappa has already gone to Agrahara to see how the jail is. He said that he is also preparing to go.

Ministers and MLAs dance even though there is mourning during Janotsava. People are in trouble. This is a perverse move. He said that the BJP has shown the country that they are perverted.
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JDS MLA Sivalinge Gowda said that the use of CT Ravi as Siddaramaiah Kachcheharuka is not correct. Speaking at Vidhana Soudha on Monday, he said there is a gap between Siddaramaiah’s age and CT Ravi’s age. It is not right to talk about a personal matter about the former CM. Looting has become commonplace. They are booty, he is booty. He said that he talked about personal qualities.

Let Siddaramaiah, CT Ravi sit down and talk. He said, “Let me tell you that I have lost my mouth.”