Anti Conversion Bill: Prohibition of conversion bill passed in Vidhan Parishad between Congress-JDS opposition

Bengaluru: The controversial conversion ban bill has been passed in the Legislative Council. The ruling BJP government has succeeded in getting the conversion ban bill passed in the upper house despite the opposition of the opposition JD(S) and Congress MLAs.

It echoed in the Belgaum session too..!

If you look at it, the conversion ban bill made a lot of noise in the Belgaum session. At the time of the Belgaum session, the state BJP government did not have a majority in the Legislative Council. Thus, the bill was presented in the assembly and the government passed it. Now the Prohibition of Conversion Bill has been presented and passed in the Vidhan Parishad as well.

Anti Conversion Law | Government’s decision to introduce controversial conversion ban bill: possibility of uproar in Parishad
Even though the Legislative Assembly passed the Prohibition of Conversion Bill in the Belgaum session, as per the rules, this bill has to be brought to the Legislative Assembly again. Because the Prohibition of Conversion Bill has been approved by the Vidhan Parishad in the current session. Therefore, according to the rules, the bill has to be presented again in the assembly and after getting passed, it has to be sent to the Governor for his signature. After the governor gives his assent to the bill, this bill will come into force in the form of an Act. The State Government is likely to introduce the Prohibition of Conversion Bill in the Legislative Assembly on Friday, September 16.

Congress is clearly opposed

The Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council B. K. Illustrated by Hari Prasad. He alleged that the Bill has been introduced by amending the black law and making an open statement against the wishes and principles of the Constitution on numerical strength.

For any of our queries they presented the bill without proper figures. They have been spreading false information from Nagpur University. We tore the bill in the upper house and came out. Because BJP is going to make India a religion based nation. Hariprasad said that the incident that took place in Bellary, death of Covid, flood… without bothering to discuss any burning issues of the state, they just presented the Prohibition of Conversion Act and got it passed.

Prohibition of Conversion Act: Enacted by Ordinance Decision in Cabinet Meeting: Bommai
Speaking at the same time, Congress Member of Legislative Council Salim Ahmed said that the Bill was passed by force because of numerical strength. There is a political hidden agenda behind the Prohibition of Conversion Bill. Salim Ahmed said that they have passed a bill against the constitution and we are against it.

The Prohibition of Conversion Act will be implemented through an ordinance in the state?

No hidden agenda: BJP clarifies

Home Minister Araga Gyanendra said that there is no hidden agenda behind the decision to introduce the Prohibition of Conversion Bill. There is no vote bank politics in this matter. There is no doubt that this is a secular state. By conversion husband and wife are different, mother and children are different. Araga Gyanendra opined that if he had known that all this would happen through conversion, he would not have included it in the constitution, there should not be forced and lure conversion. The elderly and the sick are called to the hospital and converted. If it is done according to their will, there is no obstacle. He said that if the convert has decided voluntarily, DC, Tehsildar will check the report and give permission. Not only that, the pastor, father and sisters can also apply as we are converting such people.

JDS member Marithibbe Gowda intervened and asked him to tell who can file a complaint. Araga Gyanendra, who clarified then, said that anyone can file a dispute. Then Marithibbe Gowda, who challenged him, asked whether this kind of violence is allowed in the constitution. One hundred and eight MLAs and Ministers of your government have written a letter saying that they want seats for Christian educational institutions, and challenged them to show it. BJP members Bharti Shetty and Pranesh, who intervened at this time, questioned why they should not write.

Prohibition of Conversion Act: Governor’s assent to Ordinance