Anganwadi workers with low qualifications will not be fired: Minister Halappa Achar

Bangalore: Halappa Achar, Minister of Women and Child Development and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and Senior Citizens has clarified that the National Education Policy is being implemented in the Anganwadis of the state and there is no question of removing the Anganwadi workers who do not have high qualifications.

The minister made this clear while answering a question from Govindaraju, a member of the Legislative Council, during the question and answer session of the Legislative Council on Tuesday. There are around 66,361 Anganwadi centers in the state. Recently, the state government has issued an official order for the establishment of 4,244 new Anganwadi centers. Among the workers working in Anganwadi centers, there are 732 post graduates. 6,017 graduates, 14,303 PUCs and 40,786 Anganwadi workers have SSLC qualification. He informed that in the first phase, NEP will be implemented in about 20 thousand Anganwadi centers with higher qualification than PUC.

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The Anganwadi workers in the other Anganwadi centers have less qualifications, and by giving them more training, steps will be taken to implement the new curriculum in those centers as well. Diploma training is planned for 6 months to 1 year if required. The minister made it clear that there is no question of removing him from work at any stage before the government.

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High Qualification in New Recruitment: The Minister welcomed the suggestion of the Parishad members that preference should be given to those with higher qualifications in the recruitment of 4,244 Anganwadi centers which are being started in the state. He promised to worry about this.

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No clear guidelines are yet available from the central government regarding NEP syllabuses. The minister said that 6 committees have been formed in our state and the suggestions of the associations will be taken based on the advice given by them and the council members.

Halappa Achar: Official order for opening of 4,244 Anganwadi Centers: Halappa Achar