Anati’s hug: BJP mocks Siddaramaiah and DK for showing solidarity

Bangalore: The BJP mocked the hug between Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah and KPCC President DK Shivakumar on the stage of the Siddaramautsav program held in Davangere as a hug.

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BJP has tweeted about this, this is a hug of helplessness, apparent solidarity! What a drama! sarcastically. DK Sivakumar presented Siddaramaiah with a portrait of Indira Gandhi in a silk shawl at the Siddaramautsav program held at the Shamanur Palace ground in Davangere on Wednesday.

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After this Dikeshi hugged Siddaramaiah and wished him well. And the two leaders raised their hands and showed solidarity. After this Siddaramaiah said in his speech that there is no difference between me and DK Shivakumar. He said that his opposition to the celebration of the birthday is just a media creation.

Former AICC president Rahul Gandhi, who had mentioned the same issue in his speech, said that he was happy to see DK and Siddaramaiah hugging each other. And advised to continue with unity.

In this background, the BJP tweeted that this was not a heartfelt hug, rather it was a hug and a show of solidarity as per AICC’s instructions or as a warning.