Amit Shah’s visit causes anxiety in BJP, end festival: Congress hits back

Bangalore: Congress has hit back at the BJP, which was making fun of Siddhar Motsa in the Congress, and it is said that there is an anxiety festival and an end festival going on in the BJP.

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah Dhidir is visiting the Congress CM who has tweeted about this without adequate information to quell the anger of the workers, which is an example of how the BJP is going on with anxiety festivals, funeral festivals and outrage festivals! said.

Apart from that, what is the secret behind the CM’s sad face after the visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah BJP asked that. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has arrived in the state to participate in various programmes.

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On Thursday, CM Basavaraja Bommai met Amit Shah and held talks for some time. In this context, there is a possibility that there was a discussion about the political education standards of the state.

Meanwhile, Amit Shah’s visit also caused a lot of curiosity. After Praveen Nettar’s murder, Hindu and BJP workers in the state expressed their anger against the BJP government.

Also, CM Basavaraja Bommai expressed his displeasure that he is a useless CM and the ministers are incompetent. ABVP workers protested against Home Minister Araga Gyanendra.

Due to all these developments, the opinion has been expressed that the leaders of the Swapaksha and Hindu organizations are angry with the functioning of the BJP government. This has also upset the party.

In this background, Amit Shah’s Karnataka tour had created a lot of curiosity. Congress followed BJP’s footsteps by tweeting about this issue.