Amit Shah We have prepared a map for India’s development in the next 25 years: Amit Shah

Bangalore: Through Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India, development is being done in all areas of India. Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that India’s development map has been prepared in the next 25 years.

Participating in the Sankalp Se Siddhi program held in Bangalore, he said that the purpose of celebrating independence is that our young children should know about the country’s freedom struggle and work to inform the world about the revolutionary development that has taken place in various fields in our country in the last 75 years. Thirdly, India should stand as a leading nation in the 75th year of independence centenary, he said.

Many Prime Ministers have worked hard in one way or another to develop this country. After the arrival of Prime Minister Modi, all aspects of the country have developed. It cannot be said that there is no development in any field. He asserted that he has developed all the communities.

Leadership change statement, Cabinet expansion discussion, Amit Shah’s state tour gained importance!

Before 2014, the news of corruption was on the front page of newspapers every day. In the earlier period the Prime Minister was not considered as the Prime Minister of the country. All the ministers considered themselves as the Prime Minister. He said that now the world is talking about the Prime Minister.

Lockdown was done in 2019 due to Corona. All the nations in the world got into trouble. At the very beginning, the Prime Minister called the country’s scientists and suggested the production of our own vaccine. India is the only country in the world whose economic system improved after covid. A package was announced for industries and free food was provided to the poor. We do not insult any country. That is not India’s quality. India has done something that no other country in the world has done. As a result, people were able to freely participate in development, he said.

We did NEP, Health Policy, Electronics Policy, Digital India, Udon, Green India, Swachh Bharat Bharat Abhiyan. As a result, it was possible to build a clean India. He informed that plans are being made to make India a manufacturing hub.

India’s GDP after Corona is 7.4. The GDP of the world’s richest countries has fallen. We have come from 143rd position to 63rd in ease of doing. There is a lot of discussion about the value of the rupee, but we should also compare the Chinese, European and Japanese rupees. He said that PM Gati Shakti will benefit the industries a lot.

When will Azadi happen? Business is going on in the market when everyone has purchasing power. We gave toilet to every house, implemented direct benpit scheme, transferred money directly to farmer’s account. We made people come out of the problems of daily life. He told about the achievements of the government that 60 crore people have been given an opportunity to improve their standard of living.

Don’t read a book and say economics, see reality and say economics. If every house gets water, electricity, GDP will not develop, don’t worry it is not written in the book, we have kept the GDP in good condition. Enterprises have to change the scale. More attention has to be paid towards R&D.

R&D should be done within the country. Alignment between start-ups and industries should be developed. Enterprises should be self-sufficient in everything from raw material to export of manufactured goods. Industry cannot develop in isolation. Our mission is to develop with the people of the country. He requested for your cooperation in the development of the country.