Allegation of discrimination without visiting Masood, Fazil’s house: CT Ravi said everyone is equal in the eyes of the government

Bangalore: Everyone is equal in the eyes of the government. BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi said that the Constitution says this.

Speaking at Vidhansouda on Monday, he said in response to the allegation of discrimination by not visiting Masood and Fazil’s house.
Everyone is equal in the eyes of the government. Everyone should be treated equally. This is what the constitution says. Praveen has gone as an activist party, not talking about the government. Ask him the questions of the government, he said, I will not answer them.

Everyone is equal in the eyes of the government. Now those asking questions know what Prashant Pujari said when he was killed. Some things cannot be said. Not that it doesn’t feel that way. Kabir the cattle thief was compensated when he died. The policemen who did the encounter were jailed. It cannot be called secular. Therefore, they have no morals to question.

Emperor Sulibele was a nationalist. Don’t question their concerns. Workers are party assets. Resentment is natural. We talk to some on an individual basis and some in a group.
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The idea of ​​our party is in the interest of the nation. There is no question of leaving the national interest and development. May not act according to their opinion.
Will take them into confidence and move forward

Eshwarappa disagrees, every activist is an asset. There are many activists who fought for the cause when they were without power. There is no question that they will forget them on our doorstep.
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The tongue is ours and the jaw is ours. Sometimes the jaw bites the tongue. He said that it is not our party that questioning is a crime, but the only question is that the question should be asked on the party platform.
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No activist should go away because of their mistake. We will do convincing work. It must be understood that our struggle is against our ideological opponents.
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No one should be alienated because of our mistake. For no fault of ours, but they will be convinced. He said that if someone makes a statement maliciously, then action will be taken as per the rules of the party. He said that it will be a work to connect everyone.