All dramas done in front of Rahul Gandhi are unmasked: BJP

Bangalore: BJP has given tongue to KPCC President DK Shivakumar and Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah saying that all the dramas done in front of Rahul Gandhi have come off.

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The BJP has tweeted about this, why DK-Siddaramaiah pair hold hands and hug during Rahul’s time! During Rahu’s time, it’s just a fight for power! That is ironic.

Is Siddaramaiah being excluded from the Amrita Mahotsava Padayatra program of the Independence Day celebrations organized by the Congress? Or is Siddaramaiah a guest at the event organized by the party itself? I asked.

All the dramas done in front of Rahul Gandhi have been unmasked. Everyone embraced Siddaramaiah as directed by Rahul Gandhi. However, it has been proved again that it is not accepted. It is predicted that impatience between Siddaramaiah and DK has caught fire and the truth is coming true.

DK Sivakumar hugged Siddaramaiah at the Siddaramautsav program held in Davangere on August 3 as instructed by Rahul Gandhi. Through this, he showed solidarity.

But the video in which Rahul Gandhi was instructed to hug went viral. Later, this episode which took place on the stage is being debated in various dimensions. The BJP has predicted that the differences in the Congress will intensify after the Siddaramautsavam, and in this context, the two leaders have been blamed by a tweet.