Acquisition of additional 50 thousand acres of land for industrial purposes: Minister Nirani

Bangalore: An additional 50 thousand acres of land is being acquired for setting up industries in the state. Large and Medium Industries Minister Murugesh Nirani said that 20,000 acres in Bangalore and 30,000 acres in other districts.

Salim Ahmed, a member of the Vidhan Sabha, asked how long the industry should be set up on the site or land sanctioned by the Karnataka Regional Development Board. He questioned what action would be taken if the business was not established.

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188 Industrial Areas have been set up by the Industries Department. 1.60 lakh acres of land was acquired for that. Out of which 52,008 acres have been developed. Nirani said the rest of the land is being developed.

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Based on the estimated size of the project, the time limit for starting the business is fixed. Steel industries need up to five years. A maximum period of 10 years is given for the overall business start-up. If the business is not started within it, a notice will be issued and the land will be reclaimed.
So far notices have been given to 117 entrepreneurs. Some go to court and get a restraining order
have brought Further action will be taken to recover the caveat land
Nirani replied.

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In the first week of November, the state is hosting a global capital investors conference. Our state has been ranked first in foreign capital investment for the fourth consecutive quarter. Nirani said that we have 38% share in the country’s investment.

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