8 Questions To PM Modi-Randeep Singh Surjewal Ashtaprasna to Prime Minister Modi who is arriving for the inauguration of Bangalore-Mysore Dashpath.

8 Questions To PM Modi-Randeep Singh Surjewal Ashtaprasna to Prime Minister Modi who is arriving for the inauguration of Bangalore-Mysore Dashpath.
Bangalore: State Congress in-charge Randeep Singh Surjewala asked eight questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is arriving in the state for the inauguration of Bangalore-Mysore Dashpath Highway on Sunday.

The BJP is inaugurating the unfinished Bangalore-Mysore National Highway for campaigning and elections, and Modi’s government aims to collect 25 thousand crores through tolls on the National Highway. He alleged that the corrupt BJP government is on the path of decline in the upcoming Karnataka elections and is trying to gain publicity to survive.

6 Questions To Modi – 6 questions from Congress in-charge Surjewala to Modi who is visiting the state repeatedly.
Surjewala 8 questions are….

  1. About 21 km (out of 118 km) of Bangalore-Mysore highway is incomplete at various parts. Pictures about this have been added. Isn’t Prime Minister inaugurating an unfinished highway an election gimmick?
  2. National Highway 275 Bangalore-Mysore road is incomplete and many works on this road are not completed. Out of 50 underpasses, only 22 underpasses have been completed. Out of 12 over passes, only 6 were completed. Of the 12 light vehicle underpasses, only 6 are complete. Out of 18 pedestrian underpasses, only 8 have been completed. Why is the Prime Minister inaugurating an incomplete, broken and patchy National Highway?
  3. The service road on both sides of the 118 km long highway is incomplete. As a result, the farmers and residents of this part of the highway have suffered and the daily life and activities of the people have been hampered. Why is the Prime Minister risking the protection of farmers and common people without completing the service road?
  4. The Bangalore Mysore Highway was not built to Indian Road Congress (IRC) standards. In many places this highway construction is unscientific. Also poor quality materials were used and the overall construction plan of the road was poor. Since October 2022, more than 300 accidents have occurred and 90 people have lost their lives. 122 people were seriously injured. However, central and state BJP governments have not taken any necessary action. Why is the Prime Minister not aware of the public safety being compromised and innocent lives being sacrificed?
  5. According to the traffic survey in 2018, there were 53 thousand passenger car units (PCU) on this road, which is expected to reach 90 thousand by 2023. Along with this, commercial vehicles will be added. The toll on the 118 km road (135 for 56 km and 165 for 62 km) is Rs 300 one way. 600 per car to travel both ways. Scheduled. For heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles, 2 thousand in one direction and 4 thousand in both directions have been fixed. In this calculation, Rs 600 for 90 thousand cars is Rs 5,40,00,000 (5.40 crore) per day. will be collected. Thus 1971 crores to 2 thousand crores will be collected for 365 days of the year. If the toll is collected for 10 years, 20 thousand crores will be collected, and if the toll rate is increased every two years, about 25 thousand crores will be collected through tolls in 110 years. Why is the Modi government planning to make a profit of 15 thousand crores from the Bangalore-Mysore highway?
  6. The cost of construction of Bangalore-Mysore national highway was 6420 crores during the Congress government. It increased to 10 thousand crores during the BJP period. Will the Prime Minister answer what is the reason for doubling the cost of construction of this highway?
  7. In August 2022, there was a flood in Kumbalgodu, Inoru Palya Toll, Hagate, Channapatna and Ramanagara due to lack of proper drainage system near Bangalore Mysore Highway. Now there is a hindrance in the flow of irrigation water to the agricultural land of the farmers on both sides of the highway. As a result, flood situation will arise in every rainy season. Why is the Prime Minister inaugurating this highway without following the flood control guidelines and without providing proper irrigation system to the farmers on both sides of the highway?
  8. MPs from Mandya and Mysore are acting invisible despite seeing this man-made flood situation of the BJP government. Why are the Prime Ministers and MPs from Mandya and Mysore indifferent to the plight of commuters and farmers?

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