254 crores under ‘Meva’ project. Ramesh Babu accused of running for Congress

Bangalore: KPCC spokesperson Ramesh Babu has alleged that officials are scamming Rs 254 crore in the name of the e-Vidhan scheme, which was introduced to bring paperless governance to the state assembly.

At a press conference on Thursday at the KPCC office on Queen’s Road, Ramesh Babu had written to the Speaker of the Assembly on May 5 and 7, saying, “This is a scam worth Rs 254 crore. The speaker then met with Aru and explained that he had requested this.

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It was hoped that Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri would preside over the House as the head of the assembly. But despite public opposition, officials are trying to fill their pockets by handing over the responsibility of bringing a paperless system into the ministries of the legislature, Kionics.

In the year 2017-18, the Congress government in its budget announced the release of Rs 20 crore for infrastructure and Rs 250 crore grant for the implementation of the e-method of the cashless scheme in the Karnataka Assembly.

The central government then announced a scheme called ‘Mewah’ through the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs to implement the same system of governance everywhere for the purpose of becoming one nation. It was decided to grant 60:40 grants to the states in which the paperless system would come into force. Accordingly, in 2018, the then Chief Secretaries, Vijay Bhaskar, wrote to the Center to send the DPR, which is interested in implementing the scheme, to the extent of 60 per cent of the grant. Later, the central government wrote to the state government informing them that the workshop for the project had been arranged and sent to your ministry officials.

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Accordingly, officials of both Houses participated in the workshop. There were many issues later and Kageri was involved. Attiyati, who was then president of the council, was present. After the conference, the speaker explained that the Maeva project was headed by the Chief Secretary and had a high-level committee to manage and manage it.

On 08-05-2018, the officials of the Ministry of Legislative Affairs met with the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Council to study the paperless governance and submit a report to the Vice President regarding the project and its technical relationship. 254 crores. The total project cost is around Rs 152 crore. Grants were coming from the center. The state government owed only Rs 101 crore. However, he alleged that if the mewa scheme was implemented, the authorities would not be able to fill the pocket of the officials and give the project to the private sector.

A letter has been received from Karnataka Legislative Council to Kionics regarding the implementation of the project. Then the company will do this project ourselves. She writes that she will make it through companies through Kerala. He wrote a letter to the finance department asking for the release of Rs 254 crore.

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Sindaramaiah, Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, has written to the government’s finance department not to release the funds for the Kionics report project on 19-12-2020, as there were many doubts.

Then they keep this project file intact. Later, a committee headed by the chief secretary issued a report saying that the central government’s plan is good. But recently, on 18-02-2021, the Chairperson of the Vidhan Sabha, in a letter to the President of the Legislative Council, demanded the release of grants exclusively for the paperless project.

Thus, it has been requested to write a letter to the Chairman of the Assembly and to give the private interest of Rs. The speaker should not be misled by the officials’ misinformation, let the center’s Mewah plan. Congress demands that the public protect money. The Speaker warned that the Lokayukta would be complained about the issue if it did not respond positively.

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